OmniActive Health Technologies Awarded EU Patent for Novel Vegetarian Beadletting Technology

Short Hills, NJ (June 16, 2008) – OmniActive Health Technologies today announced it has been awarded a patent in the European Union for its novel vegetarian beadletting technology for dry delivery forms of lipophilic nutrients. The technology, which was earlier granted a patent by the Indian Patent Office last year, was developed to resolve common problems faced by formulators of nutritional products. It enables the seamless incorporation of various unstable, oily, or lipophilic ingredients — such as lutein, other carotenoids, essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, phytosterols, and lecithin — into dry tablets and capsules.

Until now, conventional technologies based on gelatin, dairy products, and starch, have been used for stabilizing such nutrients into free-flowing dry forms such as powders, beadlets, and granules. Beadlets made with OmniActive’s OmniBead™ technology present significant improvements over these methods.

OmniBead™ technology allows a wide range of nutrients to be stabilized in a dry matrix — without using any animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin, lactose, or casein. In fact, a wide range of products, all laboratory-validated to have a minimum shelf life of two years, have already been launched using OmniBead™ technology.

OmniBead™ technology requires a lower percentage of inactive ingredients than conventional technologies, making more space available in the beadlet for the actives. “The novel beadlet design facilitates the highest known payloads of active ingredients in the industry,” stated Abhijit Bhattacharya, Chief Operating Officer of OmniActive. The innovative technology allowed the company to introduce 25% lutein beadlets and 20% lutein esters beadlets over three years ago — a difficult feat to accomplish with traditional technologies.

The vegetarian beadlets manufactured through OmniBead™ technology are spherical, with a very small particle size — typically within the 400 micron range. That makes them extremely well-suited for withstanding high forces of tablet compression, without causing the leaching or bleeding of actives into the tablet matrix that is common with conventional technologies.

Products manufactured with OmniBead™ technology have demonstrated faster uptake and potentially superior bioavailability in dissolution trials and pilot clinical studies compared to products manufactured with conventional beadlet technology. The reason? OmniBead’s proprietary formulation of excipients and coatings is sturdy enough to protect its contents from degradation, yet undergoes rapid disintegration and dissolution within the gastrointestinal tract.

Because OmniBead™ beadlets are 100% vegetarian, they are free of the safety concerns surrounding animal-derived ingredients. Additionally, they are free of genetically modified organisms and common allergens.

The beadlets flow easily, which makes them attractive enough to feature in transparent or translucent two-piece capsules.

A final advantage is that OmniBead™ beadlets can be customized with built-in features such as taste and odor-masking, ingredient interaction prevention, and controlled release.

“OmniBead™ technology is a state-of-the-art alternative to gelatin-based encapsulation and stabilization technologies,” stated Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Vice President R & D of OmniActive. “This next-generation technology permits innovative dry delivery forms of single and multiple ingredients such as lutein, lycopene, fat-soluble vitamins, and astaxanthin, with enhanced stability, bioavailability, and safety.”

About OmniActives

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, OmniActive Health Technologies ( supplies a range of proprietary active ingredients and advanced delivery platforms for ingredients used in healthcare, food, and personal care applications. OmniActive builds on the history of its parent company, Kancor Ingredients of India, which has a 140-year tradition of developing and offering specialty extracts from plant origins. The company’s flagship offering is its patent-protected Lutemax® range of products — the world’s first and only complete source of both free lutein and lutein esters for food fortification and dietary supplementation, made under ISO-2200(2005) and cGMP certification. OmniActive’s OmniBead™ vegetarian beadletting technology allows the seamless incorporation of lipophilic ingredients, such as lutein, into dry tablets and capsules.

For more information on OmniActive’s OmniBead™ Technology, or any of its product offerings, please visit or contact [email protected].

Hiren Doshi
Email: [email protected]

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