Register for Nov. 13 webinar on contract manufacturing issues

Register for Nov. 13 webinar on contract manufacturing issues

AHPA webinar will feature an FDA official, a legal expert and industry veterans who will discuss strategies for effective partnerships between contract manufacturers and their customers.

Contract Manufacturers and their Customers: Best Practices for Effective Partnerships - Nov. 13 - 1 to 3 p.m. Eastern

Dietary supplement contract manufacturers and their “own-label distributor” customers must navigate a host of issues in order to establish effective business partnerships that ensure quality and compliance with federal laws and regulations.

This webinar will address:

  • An overview of issues purchasers and manufactures should consider:
    • What information is needed to prepare a manufacturing quote?
    • How should specifications be set?
    • How are record keeping and quality control tasks assigned?
  • Regulatory requirements for each party:
    • What does FDA expect during inspections?
    • How do the inspection obligations of the contract manufacturer differ from those of the own label distributor?
    • What manufacturing records should a distributor retain?
    • Who has responsibility for customer complaints and adverse events?
  • Insights from veterans from both sides (manufacturers and distributors)
  • Answers to your questions by an FDA official and legal and industry experts


  • Tony Young, partner at Kleinfeld, Kaplan and Becker LLP, and AHPA General Counsel
  • Cara Welch, team leader of the Dietary Supplements Regulations Implementation Team in the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • David Morrison, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at Vitamin Shoppe
  • Richard Kaufman, chief operating officer at Paragon Laboratories 
  • Mitch Coven, president of Vitality Works Inc.
  • Michael McGuffin, president of AHPA


  • White paper: The Relationship Between Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturers and Packagers and their Customers
  • Checklist to help assign roles and responsibilities for contract manufacturers and their customers 
  • Presenters' slides

For more information, download the agenda.

And don't forget to REGISTER TODAY.


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