Stryka Botanics Removes Suit Filed by Certified Natural Laboratories

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. – July 8, 2008 – Stryka Botanics, a provider of high-quality raw materials serving manufacturers of nutritional supplements, has filed papers with the United States District Court to remove the suit filed by Certified Natural Laboratories, a supplement manufacturer based in Wichita, Kan.

Stryka’s action is in direct response to the lawsuit filed in state court in Sedgwick, Kan., late last month. Certified alleges that Stryka delivered to them a fake hoodia gordonii shipment.

Stryka’s lead counsel, Marc J. Gross, is confident that the lawsuit “won’t have legs to stand on once the federal courts have had an opportunity to review Stryka’s response.”

According to Stryka president Brian McNally, “The allegations of Certified Natural Laboratories are entirely baseless, and they have already hurt our business and damaged our credibility in the marketplace. We have worked hard since the original company was founded in 1990 to operate under only the highest standards and to deliver exceptional quality and customer service. Certified has in one fell swoop caused customers to question these standards that we work every day to uphold, and has injured our goodwill.”

Gross confirmed that Stryka will “be aggressively pursuing redress in the courts” if Certified or any company or individual maliciously interferes with or otherwise defames Stryka through false allegations.

McNally explained, “Contrary to Certified’s allegations, Stryka had an independent analysis performed on the customer’s hoodia shipment. This confirmed its authenticity. It was unquestionably, according to the independent laboratory results, authentic hoodia gordonii. It is our policy to test and certify shipments of raw material to ensure the highest quality product to our customers. I stand behind our product and the quality of our testing.

“We only work with reputable, independent labs to perform analyses of the raw materials we import and to understand the importance of providing the appropriate documentation to our customers. These critical steps are inherent in our dedicated quality management system, and we are confident that the facts in this case will underscore our commitment to that end,” McNally added.


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