ZMC Announces New USPTO Lutein Patent

ZMC-USA, LLC has announced Zhejiang Medicine Company Limited Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory (ZMC) has been issued patent #7,271,298 from the USPTO for the “Process for isolation and purification of Xanthophyll crystals from plant oleoresin”. The patent details the simultaneous process for isolation and purification of Lutein and Zeaxanthin from crude plant oleoresin. This process provides for the highest yield rate of Lutein and Zeaxanthin to date and is expected to position ZMC as a leading global supplier for these two important dietary supplement ingredients.

Lutein is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant which has been clinically proven to be beneficial in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Lutein is used increasingly in multi-vitamin supplements and ophthalmologic products.

This patent will allow for the efficient and quality production of Lutein in pure, powder, beadlet and oil suspension and Lutein Ester in powder, beadlet and oil suspension. Scott Steinford, President, ZMC-USA stated “ ZMC is continuing to position itself as a market leader in terms of quality, efficiency and product offerings in the nutritional supplement industry. ZMC maintains the highest quality standards as evidenced by its FDA inspections and through third party verifications. ZMC is currently the only supplier to have received USP Ingredient Verification for CoQ10 and Beta Carotene.”

About ZMC: Globally, ZMC is the largest supplier of Biotin, the second largest supplier of Vitamin E, the third largest supplier of Natural Vitamin E, the second largest supplier of fermented CoQ10, has U.S. patented Lutein and has the most complete product variety of Carotenoids. ZMC is a multicultural organization offering high quality leading edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients worldwide since 1954. ZMC respects and understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction and is committed to achieving the highest level of both.

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