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Allergies in cats and dogs can manifest themselves in many different ways, including wheezing and sneezing, excessive scratching, vomiting, diarrhea and gas. But you can offer relief, both internal and topical.

Allerg-Eze by Nutri-Vet adds a cocktail of antioxidants to liver chews to help boost dogs’ immune system in its battle against environmental pollutants.


Homeopet’s Skin & Itch Relief is a homeopathic remedy designed to help sooth itchy spots that pups might be tempted to scratch or gnaw.



EcoPure Naturals’ Allergy Relief supplement is a proprietary blend of herbs and polyphenols chosen for their antihistamine-like properties, but without the snooze-inducing side effects, so cats don’t have to be asleep to be allergy-free.

Doc Ackerman’s Allergy Relief Formula is a powdered herbal blend ready to mix with water and add to food. Chamomile, hops and green tea are part of its anti-allergy arsenal.


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