Chapter 1: NBJ Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss Competitive Landscape

This mid-year recap has been published to provide an update on consumer insights, emerging product trends, and industry issues, dating from the publication of NBJ’s SNWL issue in early 2011. 



Keeping a pulse on the fast paced changes in the sports nutrition & weight loss market is vital. NBJ helps you stay tuned to the key developments in this space since the beginning of 2011. The industry has shifted away somewhat from its aggressive marketing techniques to a quieter, more science-based focus. Consumers read labels more than ever, and they are honing in on ingredients to avoid. Industry is dealing with a more informed and enlightened consumer, which makes this mid-year review a must-have for anyone operating in the space.

The following is also included:

  • A look at emerging brands and their marketing
  • Changes in branding and product appearances
  • Regulatory and market updates on geranium extracts & stems
  • A look at AHPA’s labeling requirements
  • Products that have been removed from the self due to safety concerns

Marc Brush, Editor - Nutrition Business Journal
Marc is the editor of NBJ and helps guide the editorial direction for all NBJ content. Marc has written for many industry publications, and brings more than 10 years of professional experience in editing and business analytics to NBJ.


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