Chapter 3: NBJ Mid-Year NutriBeauty Market Data Update

Chapter 3: NBJ Mid-Year NutriBeauty Market Data Update

NBJ defines NutriBeauty as the intersection where beauty & natural products meet.  This mid-year NutriBeauty sales data update has been published to highlight the strong market growth in 2010 and to take a look at the estimated channel sales breakdown. 



This newly defined market has grown to become a $15 billion market.  During this presentation we take a look at the 5 segments that make up the NutriBeauty market, and provide sales channel estimates. The largest contributors to this sizable total include conventional beauty brands using natural ingredients to make a functional claim, and a traditional category of N&OPC products without functional aspirations. Food & beverage products making beauty claims.

Carla Ooyen, Director of Market Research- Nutrition Business Journal
Carla is the director of market research of NBJ. In addition to producing market research reports, Carla is responsible for NBJ’s quantitative research, company databases and surveys. Carla earned her MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.

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