Direct-to-Consumer Business Class

Direct-to-Consumer Business Class

The editorial team at Nutrition Business Journal has compiled a series of videos highlighting the direct selling industry. Although this segment has had some ups and downs, there is certainly room for growth and new business. These videos will discuss many of the pressing issues, sales numbers by channel, and trends in the direct-to-consumer industry. *Each NBJ Business Class mp4 file is an editor-guided, mobile-friendly review of a specific product segment, sales channel or strategic business issue facing the nutrition industry.  Designed to be digestible, efficient and effective in communicating just what you need to know, these 8-10 minute video recordings can be downloaded and viewed in the office or via your mobile device when you’re on the road.  Join NBJ’s Business Class and make the most of your time on the road.

Direct-to-Consumer Business Class Full Package

Includes all three chapters, including sales numbers, trends, and marketing insights into the direct selling market.



Chapter 1: Market Overview
The direct-to-consumer market, which contains four main channels, internet, practitioner, mail, direct TV, & radio, and lastly, network marketing, can offer both exhilarating highs and startling lows. In this first chapter of the Direct-to-Consumer Business Class, Research Director, Carla Ooyen will take you through the history of this market segment, along with highlighting trends that may attribute to growth in this category in the future, and hopefully provide insights on how to succeed in this market. .



Chapter 2: Multi-level Marketing
This chapter of the Direct-to-Consumer Business Class focuses on the marketing of direct selling products with a specific focus on multi-level marketing. Multi-level marketing may have settled in to a bit of a sour spot for the last few years, but Associate Editor, Connor Link, will discuss some of the companies growing that channel and other marketing strategies that are having a large impact on the direct-to-consumer market as a whole.


Chapter 3: The Multichannel Blend in 2012
In this final chapter of the Direct-to-Consumer Business Class, Editor-in-Chief, Marc Brush discusses the blending and merging of different channels within the direct selling market to efficiently distribute natural products. Learn about different companies leveraging multiple platforms and gain tips and insights on how to increase your sales in this market segment.



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