Electrolyte Supplements for Dogs, Horses Recommended

Horses and dogs, just like humans, may need supplemental electrolytes in hot weather to maintain proper fluid levels in the body, Dynamite Marketing's Callie Novak reminded horse and dog owners.

When horse electrolyte and dog electrolyte levels are disturbed by heat or exercise, both horses and dogs may experience heart and gastrointestinal problems and muscle cramps. Severe dog and horse electrolyte imbalances can affect brain function.

In a 36-mile endurance test on horse electrolytes conducted at MichiganStateUniversity, horses without electrolyte supplementation lost 50 pounds and drank only 3 gallons of water during rest periods. In contrast, horses given electrolytes drank 5 to 6 gallons of water, replenishing their entire weight loss and sweat loss.

When buying dog electrolyte and horse electrolyte formulas, it is important to check the contents to determine whether they contain only salt and potassium and whether other minerals are in usable form. Dyes and artificial flavorings should be avoided because of possible negative impacts on the animal's liver.

Dynamite takes a different approach from many manufacturers in developing dog and horse electrolyte formulas, too many of which are designed to replace only the minerals that are contained in sweat. That is like measuring the exhaust of a car to determine what to put back in the tank, Novak said.

Sweat, like exhaust, is the end product of complex reactions and does not accurately represent the starting elements involved. Instead, Dynamite assesses the physiology of exercise to determine a more complete picture of all nutritional elements required.

Dynamite Marketing offers Dyna-Spark for horses and Dyna-Spark for dogs to restore electrolyte balances in hot weather. Animals that sweat, such as horses, have different requirements than animals that pant, such as dogs. In addition, Dynamite Free Choice Minerals support horse electrolyte maintenance.

Dyna-Spark for horses and for dogs is available is available from more than 4,000 Dynamite distributors throughout the United States and Canada, on the Web at www.dynamitemarketing.com or by calling (800) 697-7434

Dynamite Marketing has been producing animal feed and nutritional supplements for virtually every member of the animal kingdom for four generations.

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