How did the top 50 U.S. herbal supplements fare in 2010?

How did the top 50 U.S. herbal supplements fare in 2010?

Nutrition Business Journal takes a look at top herb and botanical supplement sales in the U.S. in 2010. While superfruit juices caused some declines, which herbs and botanicals improved in sales?

This week, Thorne Research announced a partnership with botanical supplier Indena, in order to go after the medical practitioner market with herbal supplements. MDs in Europe are more receptive to prescribing supplements than docs in the United States, and the deal is expected to position Thorne to expand into international markets.

But back in the United States, just how well are herbal supplements performing?

Four out of the five top herb and botanical supplements saw sales decline in 2010. The superfruit category was to blame for this phenomenon, with noni, mangosteen and goji juices all posting losses. But in NBJ's list of the top 50 herbs and botanicals, about half did see sales improve.

To learn more about trends in the supplement category, don't miss the Top 50 Herbs in the U.S. Data Chart.

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