Infographic: Obesity a contagious epidemic?

People are 57 percent more likely to be obese if their friends are. Fight this obesity epidemic and spread health instead. Here's how.

As this infographic suggests, we are what our friends eat, for better or worse. With people 37 percent more likely to be obese if their spouse is, 40 percent more likely if their sibling is, and 57 percent more likely if their friends are, healthy habits have also proven to be infectious.

Your business can be a part of the force fighting the obesity epidemic and helping health go viral via social networks, which appear to be a factor in these trends. One idea: Retailers could partner with manufacturers to host community health challenges so shoppers can make new, healthy-minded friends. Encourage accountability among participants via a Facebook group or Twitter hashtag.

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Obesity a contagious epidemic?

Source: Massive Health

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