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Joint problems/arthritis

Arthritis can develop from a variety of disorders—from degenerative joint disease to a simple torn tendon—and often begins early in life, though its symptoms might not become apparent for several years. “Dietary supplements are a cornerstone of arthritis therapy” when pets begin to display stiffness or pain after resting, says Donna Spector, DVM, who works for Halo Purely for Pets.

Add glucosamine, chondroitin and vitamin C to a jerky chew, and you get Dogswell’s Happy Hips, an easy-to-administer joint supplement for pups. It comes in nine flavors.

4everPets Joint Revive Xtra Strength Formula is a glucosamine supplement in a hickory-smoke flavor that includes MSM and bromelain to strengthen collagen and reduce inflammation.

PetNaturals’ Hip+Joint combines MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin for aching joints in a chicken-liver chew.

Happy Hips comes in a cat version, too: Catswell Happy Hips, with joint-support ingredients added to chicken-breast chews.


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