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Liver problems/detox

Shoppers’ households are full of potential toxins for dogs and cats—from houseplants to cleaning supplies.

Vetri-Science Gluta DMG is a patented formula for boosting immune response that’s also used for treating liver disorders. To make it more palatable, Gulta DMG comes as chicken-flavored soft chews.

Applying traditional Chinese medicine, Seven Forests formulated Quercenol, an herbal blend for supporting the immune system—and boosting liver function. Vitamins, minerals and flavonoids add to its liver-protecting power.


When the cat eats something it shouldn’t, Newton Homeopathics offers Detoxifier, a homeopathic blend to help stimulate kidney and liver function to remove toxins and boost metabolism.


Animals’ Apawthecary
has blended burdock root, dandelion, milk thistle and other detoxifying herbs in its Detox Blend for pets.

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