NBJ NutriBeauty Mid-Year Update

NBJ NutriBeauty Mid-Year Update

NBJ broadens the scope of its N&OPC coverage to include conventional beauty products with natural, functional claims and ingestibles, from supplements to food & beverage. NutriBeauty represents a $15 billion market driven largely by innovations in gene expression and a growing focus on healthy aging. NBJ's editorial & research team just published a mid-year NutriBeauty market update, including 3 chapters highlighting market opportunities, trends, regulatory claims, sales updates, and much more.  This mid-year NutriBeauty update is a must have for anyone currently operating in the market or trying to break into this emerging market. *Each NBJ Business Class mp4 file is an editor-guided, mobile-friendly review of a specific product segment, sales channel or strategic business issue facing the nutrition industry. Designed to be digestible, efficient and effective in communicating just what you need to know, these 8-10 minute video recordings can be downloaded and viewed in the office or via your mobile device when you’re on the road. Join NBJ’s Business Class and make the most of your time on the road. 

NBJ Mid-Year NutriBeauty Market Update Full Package
Includes 3 separate chapters providing a full competitive landscape of the NutriBeauty industry,  updates on regulations & claims activity within this market, and mid-year NBJ data analysis.



Chapter 1: NBJ NutriBeauty Competitive Landscape
Nutrition Business Journal is taking a fresh look at where the natural & organic personal care market and beauty products interesect. During this analysis of the NutriBeauty market we evaluate the size of the market and a few of the trends shaping the market, followed by providing you the intelligence you need to attack this emerging $15 billion market.


Chapter 2: NutriBeauty Market Regulatory & Claims Update
Nutribeauty is a market that has experienced rapid growth, where there was previously not a defined market.  This growth has left regulations playing a game of catch up.  During this presentation we focus on natural & organic personal care and nutricosmetics, which are two segments of the NutriBeauty market.  We review the definition issue as it relates to organic in beauty products and take a look at a few companies that are  pioneering the organic beauty market and labeling issues that they are being confronted with.   Nutricosmetics is an intersection of beauty products and dietary supplements and how you regulate claims waivers based on how cosmetics are regulated under the Food Drug & Cosmetics Act and supplements under the Dietary Supplement & Health Education Act.  The issues affecting this market in its infancy stage and much more are reviewed in this mid-year update.



Chapter 3: NBJ Mid-Year NutriBeauty Market Data Update
This newly defined market has grown to become a $15 billion market.  During this presentation we take a look at the 5 segments that make up the NutriBeauty market, and provide sales channel estimates. The largest contributors to this sizable total include conventional beauty brands using natural ingredients to make a functional claim, and a traditional category of N&OPC products without functional aspirations. Food & beverage products making beauty claims.



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