New Clinical Study In Baby Boomer and Older Health and Fitness Club Members

BrainSavers® Tri-Component Program™ for Memory Enhancement

Produced Improvements In Cognitive Functioning and Physical Condition
The Scottsdale Resort and Athletic Club in Arizona hosted the world’s first
complete trial of the unique BrainSavers program following three years of
development. The scientifically based program tested successfully in the
health and fitness club environment.

Improvements in cognitive ability and physical fitness were seen in the
vast majority of participants who participated in this eight-week clinical
trial. Consumer acceptance of the program, which includes modest
aerobic exercise, computer-based memory and other cognitive
strengthening exercises, and a brain-healthy diet supplemented by a
patent-pending all-natural bar formulated for brain health, was nearly
universal. The average age for participants was 68 years old. All who
participated felt that a health and fitness club was the natural location for
such a program.

Major Findings:
• The Tri-Component Program, consisting of the BrainSavers Memory
Enhancement Software, the BrainSavers Exercise program and the
BrainSavers Nutritional Bar produced significant improvements in
cognitive functioning after 2 months. Eighty-five percent of the
subjects showed an average of 16% improvement in 13 of the 17
cognitive abilities evaluated.

• Ninety-two percent of participants reported moderate or greater
subjective increases in memory capability.

• All subjects improved on at least two of the physical fitness
variables measured which included resting heart rate, systolic and
diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate response to a standard

• Eighty-five percent of the participants reported improvements in
self image and 100% felt that the program was useful.

• Eighty percent of the subjects expressed positive comments
regarding the program structure while 100% liked the taste and
texture of the nutritional supplement bar. 92% expressed interest
in continuing with the program.

• Eighty-five percent of the subjects felt that the health and fitness
club environment was an ideal location for a Tri-Component
Memory Enhancement Program.

The findings supports BrainSavers’ core philosophy that its proprietary Tri-
Component Program™ consisting of regular modest aerobic physical
exercise, regular computer-based memory strengthening exercises, and a
brain-healthy diet, will result in improved cognition and physical condition
in eight weeks when offered in a supervised health and fitness club setting.
Lead Researchers: Richard M. Samuels, PhD, Edward Wein, PhD.

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