New Planet Dog for Pups Collection Extends Popular Lifestyle Brand to Puppies

Portland, Maine (August 2006) – The puppy market is growing faster than a freshly whelped Newfie and Planet Dog has responded by creating Planet Dog for Pups, a new line of toys designed for puppies of all sizes up to 10 months of age. By using materials, shapes and sizes developed specifically to encourage natural puppy behavior, Planet Dog has created an assortment of toys appropriate for this life stage of canine development.

The new collection consists of Orbee-TuffÒ Toys for Pups that feature a special soothing formula of Planet Dog's award-winning Orbee-Tuff material that was developed to perform best for softer puppy teeth and developing jaw muscles. The line also includes Squeaky Baby Blanket Buddies and Squeaky Alphabet Blocks, fleece toys that mimic the timeless, ultra-soft baby blanket material that babies love so much. Rounding out the line is a gift pack. The Bundle of Joy is a pre-packaged assortment of all the toys listed above in puppy pink or blue.

Orbee-Tuff(TM) Toys for Pups

The new Orbee-Tuff Toys for Pups collection is made up of Orbee-Tuff Pup Orbos with Treat SpotsÔ and Orbee-Tuff Bones. All Orbee-Tuff for Pup toys are offered in Big Pup and Lil’ Pup sizes and in puppy pink and blue.

Like all of Planet Dog's toys made from the Orbee-Tuff material, the new puppy versions are buoyant, bouncy, minty and recyclable. And since puppies gnaw to soothe teething pain versus ripping and shredding like adult dogs, these toys are made with a special formula that can be chilled or frozen for extra soothing relief.

"We set out to develop a line of toys to introduce pups to Orbee-Tuff early in life but because pups have different chewing needs than adult dogs, we needed to make some minor tweaks to the formula," says Catherine Frost, Planet Dog's Director of Marketing and Product Development.

"Orbee-Tuff for Pups is every bit as durable, tear and puncture resistant as the original Orbee-Tuff material, we just made the toy’s chewing surface a little softer and more pliable – just right for the soft teeth and developing jaws of pups," adds Frost.

Baby Blanket Squeaky Toys

The new Baby Blanket Squeaky Toys consist of well-constructed fleece Buddies and Alphabet Blocks. All of these toys are downy soft and perfect for a comforting nuzzle. The nappy fabric will easily take on the scent of the pup’s parent giving them additional comfort. For more rambunctious puppy play, they feature reinforced seams and higher pitched, double-bellow squeakers.

The squeaky Alphabet Blocks are sold in a reusable, zippered 3-pack and feature “doggified” ABCs: A is for Arf. B is for Beg. C is for Cuddle. One size fits all jaws. The cream colored squeaky Baby Blanket Buddies are offered in a classic Baby Blanket material in two sizes for Big and Lil' Pups.

Bundle of Joy Toys

Planet Dog for Pups products are also sold in Big and Lil' Bundle of Joy gift packs offering all the toys a new pup needs for teething and snuggling packaged in a convenient drawstring satchel for storage. The Big Pup Bundle of Joy contains a Big Pup Orbo with Treat Spot, Big Pup Bone, Big Pup Baby Blanket Buddy and a set of Squeaky Alphabet Blocks. The Lil' Pup Bundle of Joy contains a Lil' Pup Orbo with Treat Spot, Lil' Pup Bone, Lil' Pup Baby Blanket Buddy and a set of Squeaky Alphabet Blocks. Both are available in puppy blue or pink.

Added value is always part of the Planet Dog experience. Beyond offering new products of superior quality and style for puppies, Planet Dog is committed to educating puppy (and dog) parents about the special needs of their new family members and the benefits of the lifestyle shared with such pets.

In addition to the new puppy line, Planet Dog has created "The ABC's of Parenting Your New Pup," a fun, informative and educational brochure for new parents to be used as an added value for retailers (and consumers).

The brochure, which covers basic things that puppy parents should know in order to offer the best care, also includes Sweet and Savory Pup Stuff Recipes for the Orbee-Tuff Pup Orbo Treat Spot as well as an emergency contact card that can be filled out and carried at all times in case of a puppy emergency.

Planet Dog for Pups Easy Order Kit

Adding the new puppy line is easy for retailers thanks to the Planet Dog for Pups Easy Order Kit which contains a case of each new toy in assorted colors and sizes. The kit also comes with a free Planet Dog for Pups Shelf-Talker, Planet Dog Retailer Decal and complimentary versions of "The ABC's of Parenting Your New Pup” intended to be used as “take-ones” for customers who purchase Planet Dog for Pups products. Planet Dog's Introductory Order Promotion gives retailers who purchase the Easy Order Kit 15% off the kit price on their initial order.

"Our new puppy collection is not just cute, it is also extraordinary and socially responsible," says Alex Fisher, Planet Dog's Founder and Chief Creative Officer. "People will buy these products because of how they look, but they will purchase them again because they work and support our social mission," adds Fisher.

Planet Dog Foundation

A portion of each purchase from Planet Dog goes directly to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends. For more information about how Planet Dog products are supporting canine service programs, please visit

"Giving back has always been as important to Planet Dog as creating high-quality products that are 100% guaranteed," says Fisher. "We are proud that our unique philanthropic outreach is paving the way in the pet industry like Ben & Jerry's and others have done in other industries," adds Fisher.

Planet Dog products are available for retailers to order online at or by calling Planet Dog directly at 800-381-1516.

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