Pet Nutrition Sales and Trends

Pet Nutrition Sales and Trends

The NBJ research and editorial team has compiled all recent data pertaining to the animal nutrition industry into a 2 chapter overview of the current state of the market, along with future predictions. The pet health industry is in a state of rapid growth, and these presentations break down the factors affecting the expanding market. *Each NBJ Business Class mp4 file is an editor-guided, mobile-friendly review of a specific product segment, sales channel or strategic business issue facing the nutrition industry.  Designed to be digestible, efficient and effective in communicating just what you need to know, these 8-10 minute video recordings can be downloaded and viewed in the office or via your mobile device when you’re on the road.  Join NBJ’s Business Class and make the most of your time on the road.

Pet Nutrition Sales and Trends Full Package

Includes 2 separate chapters providing a comprehensive look into sales trends in the animal nutrition market, along with a look into factors influencing upcoming trends in the industry.



Chapter 1: Sales trends in the animal nutrition industry
Although animal nutrition took a big hit with the recession, this up-and-coming industry has tripled since 2001, emerging into a $3.2 billion market in 2010. Steady growth in sales within each channel, specifically internet sales, has allowed for the pet health industry to grow rapidly. A projected increase in sales for specialty stores and pet store chains could also add to the growth of this market. This presentation breaks down animal nutrition sales by condition and channel, and forecasts additional growth for the future.


Chapter 2: Human food & supplement trends fueling the future of the animal nutrition industry
Pets and their owners have a very close connection, so it is no surprise that trends in human supplements can have a direct effect on trends in the animal nutrition market. In this presentation, we will take a closer look at 7 emerging trends in the human health industry, such as value and bioavailability, which have begun to impact pet nutrition. We will look closely at the relationship between human nutrition and animal nutrition, and how these trends can influence each other.



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