What are the top selling and fastest growing mineral supplements?

Nutrition Business Journal reveals the top mineral dietary supplements in 2010. Perhaps the best seller is a no-brainer, but can you guess the fastest growing mineral supplement?

An observational study released two weeks ago, that claimed many supplements harmed older women, found that one dietary supplement—calcium—was the exception. Nutrition and dietary supplements experts were quick to point out the flaws in the study, but perhaps it's no surprise that calcium was singled out. According to Nutrition Business Journal, calcium is by far the largest selling of all mineral supplements—accounting for 54 percent of the $2.2 billion mineral supplement sales in 2010.

But magnesium is the supplement seeing the largest sales growth—up 11 percent in 2010, reported NBJ. Magnesium has been found to lower men's risk for colon cancer; boost mood and build stronger bones; support pregnancy; and can help ease PMS symptoms. With doctors and women's health experts such as Christiane Northrup, MD, espousing that "women desperately need magnesium," we expect to continue to see growth in magnesium sales.

Interested in how other minerals are doing in the market? Learn more about the mineral category with NBJ's U.S. Mineral Sales & Sales By Channel Data Chart.

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