When it comes to pet supplements, which category is king?

When it comes to pet supplements, which category is king?

Nutrition Business Journal surveyed the animal nutrition market and found that natural and organic pet supplements had stronger growth than pet foods in 2010. But which pet supplement topped sales?

In 2010, animal nutrition product sales grew 5 percent in the United States, according to Nutrition Business Journal. This market includes natural & organic pet food, pet supplements (not including animal feed supplements) and natural & organic pet supplies. But of this broad market, pet supplements reign supreme, showing stronger growth than sales of natural & organic pet foods.

Which category of animal supplements is the largest? Joint health. The condition specific category topped $690 million in sales in 2010, reports NBJ. But opportunity still abounds in categories like immunity, gut health, anxiety, weight loss and vision, which are all seeing double digit growth. In total, all animal supplements racked up $1.6 billion in sales.

For the whole story on the pet nutrition industry, see NBJ’s newly updated Animal Nutrition Charts.

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