In memory of Chuck Glona

Last night, a chance, late night glance at Facebook brought devastating news to me. A dear friend, Chuck Glona, has passed away. Chuck had been in an automobile accident and died during surgery after that accident. He leaves behind his wife of more than 30 years, Janice, two beautiful daughters and a grieving family. 

He had a long career in the natural products industry. He had worked at Tree of Life for about 20 years before working for both UNFI and Naturade. For the last several years he was employed by DeLallo Foods. His ready smile and his self-deprecating sense of humor were his calling cards.

He and I shared many good times: sailing on Lake Travis, playing racquetball, and enjoying baseball, basketball, and hockey while out of town at shows. Once, we both dared each other to go to a WWF even—we both attended and had more fun than most of those there. Leaving a show in Florida a few years back, we were both upgraded and ended up in first class next to each other. God bless that patient flight attendant.

Every conversation with Chuck had a common element to it. We always talked about our families.  Wives and kids were front and center—and always more important than business.

Losing Chuck has dominated my heart and mind since I learned of his tragic, early passing. A mutual friend said it well this morning when he said, “This couldn't have happened to Chuck. He was supposed to live until he was 180.” Amen. He was a good friend and a great man. May he rest in peace.

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