Podcast: Innovation, sustainability and integrity at PCC Community Markets

Steven Jamieson PCC Community Markets
Listen to PCC Community Markets Heath and Body Care Merchandiser Steven Jamieson's advice for brands in this dynamic interview originally hosted on NPEV.

New Hope Network's Executive Director of Content Jessica Rubino interviewed Steven Jamieson of PCC Community Markets during the "Wellness Reimagined" Retail Discovery Session hosted on the Natural Products Expo Virtual Community platform on May 11. 

In this New Hope Network podcast, hear what Jamieson had to say about what this community-owned co-op—with 16 stores in the greater Seattle, Washington, area—looks for in the brands it puts on shelf and why integrity of standards is a vital part of this retailer's mission.

natural products expo virtual logoThe NPEV Retail Discovery Sessions were created to support brand and retail connections in a focused, efficient format. Each session will feature trend and retail insights from New Hope Network and SPINS, along with a different group of featured retailers including PCC Markets, Fresh Thyme, MOM’s, Target, Thrive and others.
All-Access NPEV brand members may also get the chance to meet directly with these retail buyers through the NPEV Community platform, thanks to curated recommendations provided by New Hope Network and based on brand and buyer needs. Other buyers are invited to attend, as well as set up their own meetings with NPEV All-Access brands. The next Retail Discovery Session will take place on July 13, and will focus on "Purpose-driven Brands."
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