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CleanFish nurtures eco-seafood market

CleanFish nurtures eco-seafood market
As reported by Organic Connections, the magazine for Natural Vitality, CleanFish founder Tim O'Shea fosters relationships between sustainable suppliers and consumers.

Among the slew of industrialized aquaculture farms, Tim O’Shea stands out as founder of CleanFish, the sustainable seafood company that protects toxic farm byproducts from working their way back to oceans, campaigns for responsibly caught wild fish, and nurtures market demand for eco-friendly fish.

According to Organic Connections magazine, CleanFish works at both ends of the market spectrum; dubbed 'upstream' (the supplier) and 'downstream' (the consumer). The company collaborates with trusted artisan fishermen and responsible fisheries as well as chefs, grocery stores, and distributors to create transparency in the seafood industry- similar to the increasingly popular farm-to-table movement for land based agriculture.

By dealing with fishermen and aqua-culturists, environmentally sound solutions to the predicament of overfishing can be alleviated. “For both wild and farm producers, in the middle was a sweet spot of artisan-scale high-stewardship practices,” Tim O’Shea explains. “You see that there really is this common ground of husbandry, of stewardship.”

O’Shea continues, “At CleanFish that’s what we’re privileged to be able to do—to be a champion for people who are really standing up in their ecosystems for the species that they’re catching or cultivating, and really doing a remarkably different model job than the industrial players that we are all having such problems with.”

By facilitating a clear path to ecologically sourced fish, CleanFish has the power to carry the industry into mainstream markets, and project the privilege of eating seafood long into the future. Read more in Organic Connections

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