AAP now offers third-party analysis

AAP now offers third-party analysis

Accredited laboratory services from fully licensed, approved facility increases compliance.

All American® Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp. (AAP) now offers laboratory services for third-party analysis. The fully licensed facility is also the only U.S. approved testing lab for InterHealth® UC-II Product, using the ELISA test method.

Other analytical services available include:

  • Identity testing using FTNIR
  • Steroid screens using GC-MS
  • Stimulant screens using UHPLC
  • Quantification using FTNIR, UHPLC, GC-MS
  • Heavy metal testing using ICP
  • Mineral testing using ICP
  • Microbial testing using USP Methods

“Independent third-party analysis assures the customer they are receiving unbiased, accurate testing results,” says Jeff Golini, AAP executive scientist. “Certified, sound material analysis increases the likelihood of their ingredients and products meeting compliance requirements.” AAP can test for purity, authenticity and efficacy of raw materials and finished supplements.

Manufacturers seeking third-party analytic laboratory services can rely on AAP as an accredited testing facility with certifications from Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport, in addition to earning NSF GMP for Sport and NSF GMP registration.



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