ESHA implements FDA's Nutrition Facts changes

ESHA implements FDA's Nutrition Facts changes

Clients and consumers can rest assured that any and all labeling changes will be reflected in ESHA's Genesis and Food Processor software as quickly as possible.

On Feb. 27, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration declared that it will soon begin a series of updates to the nutrition labeling regulations for foods and dietary supplements. The announcement was unveiled at the anniversary of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, an initiative dedicated to reducing the problem of obesity. The FDA believes the new regulations will address America’s high rate of obesity by highlighting calories and serving sizes. The changes that have been announced thus far include a thorough revision of the traditional food label, which has not changed dramatically since it was first instated over two decades ago.

Put simply, the list of proposed changes would include an update to the amount and types of required nutrients, Daily Reference Values and Reference Daily Intake values would be easier to read, the Nutrition Facts panel would utilize larger font, and serving sizes would more accurately reflect what people eat. A comment period will be open for 90 days. After that the FDA will consider the responses from citizens and industry, and issue a final rule that will govern Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labeling. According to the FDA, the change will affect 60,000 manufacturers and more than 700,000 UPC codes.

“We proudly stand behind the goal of a healthier, happier America,” says Craig Bennett, CEO of ESHA. “We will continue to monitor the nutrition labeling regulations and keep our customers informed of any changes, ESHA software will be updated to meet all labeling requirements to ensure regulatory compliance.”

Offering cutting-edge software that meets compliance requirements has always been the driving mantra behind ESHA’s business model. The company’s highly acclaimed Genesis and Food Processor software products have been used by name-brand companies for generations, so remaining current is absolutely integral to continued success. This means that clients and consumers alike can rest assured that any and all labeling changes will be reflected in the software as quickly as possible. Consumers deserve easily accessed and understood information about what goes into their bodies and, between the efforts of Michelle Obama and the team at ESHA, we may finally see the day where healthy living becomes the norm.

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