GWI sets new standard for quality, transparency

GWI sets new standard for quality, transparency

CEO Jim Schultz continues to invest in new testing equipment for China office.

The requirement to provide high-quality ingredients while being transparent of manufacture origin has never been higher in the nutraceutical industry than it is today. A challenge, that distributor GWI responds to with “open arms” and turns this into an opportunity.  The La Mirada, Calif.-based company, under the management of Jim Schultz, recently invested in a new addition to its lab equipment: A NIR instrument for identification of ingredients, followed by extensive training of the NIR for the GWI China quality team. This makes GWI one of the few North American distributors that demonstrate such a strong focus on quality control and transparency.

“The term high-quality is vague, not truly defined and often-times overused for marketing,” says GWI CEO and Founder Jim Schultz, “GWI is taking additional steps that truly prove our integrity as a distributor to enhance transparency and trust of all our North American customers.” Schultz knows he is setting a new standard for quality raw ingredient distribution.

The NIR instrument is used to identify all raw materials before they are even shipped and imported to the United States. This process prevents from sending the wrong product and also ensures that the desired quality standards are met. More than 150 products from different manufacturers were tested and stored in the data base for spectra comparison. “The instrument library was set up in the United States,” explains GWI QC Director Alice Chin, who brings extensive knowledge in this area and oversaw configuration as well as training in China, “The addition of this instrument enables us to not only identify the product, but also monitor its consistency between manufacturers.” Everything is conducted in English with a team all fluent in the language to ensure easy and effective communication—including quality reports.

This machine can be used for more than ID testing, as Chin explains. Further functions include showing any change of the manufacturing process, monitoring consistency of particle size, detecting moisture and identifying possible contaminants. GWI also conducts vendor qualifications for local vendors as well as Chinese manufacturing partners.

The dietary supplement cGMPs require identification testing for the finished product manufacturers.  By working together with a partner like GWI, manufacturers and customers receive an additional resource of support and inspections.

“We want our customers to feel that we are taking the extra step to ensure they are receiving the best product available,” says Schultz, ”We have come a long way to build our team and infrastructure and will continue to be known for transparency, trust and making high quality a standard rather than an idea.”

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