Linde sponsors webinar on Pulsair mixing technology

Linde sponsors webinar on Pulsair mixing technology

Technical expert from Pulsair Systems will discuss the company’s mixing and blending systems for liquid products on March 6.

Linde North America will be sponsoring a webinar for industries interested in vastly improving the quality and economics of their liquid mixing and blending operations, by reducing maintenance costs, decreasing cycle times, and lowering energy costs.

On Thursday, March 6, a technical expert from Pulsair® Systems, of Bellevue, Wash., will discuss the company’s mixing and blending systems for liquid products. These systems are significantly more efficient and effective than conventional mixing systems, especially at food processing, beverage, chemical and biofuel blending facilities. The webinar will begin at 2 p.m. EST.

“We believe anyone involved in blending liquids, especially edible oils, sugar syrups, chemical products and oil and gas, will find their time well spent attending the webinar,” said Leslie Waller, head of the Chemistry Industry at Linde. “Pulsair Systems has decades of experience in custom engineering and building powerful pulse gas mixing systems for any size tank, vessel or tank farm.”

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How and why the Pulsair system is up to 50 percent faster and 75 percent more energy efficient than mechanical mixing systems
  • Why using nitrogen increases safety and eliminates oxidation—important considerations in industries such as oil and gas and food and beverage
  • How Pulsair technology significantly reduces operational costs and downtime
  • How the system’s programmable capability allows many tanks to be monitored from a single controller

Linde North America, a member of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company, is a leading provider of atmospheric gases to process industries where the addition of nitrogen is a critical component of the liquid mixing process to ensure complete and even blending between heavier and lighter liquids or to prevent product oxidation. Leslie Waller said, “Linde’s partnership with Pulsair, formed in 2010, has allowed us to extend our gas technology expertise to significantly shorten the time to mix liquid products in tanks.”

“Pulsed air technology” from Pulsair Systems comprises a process which sequentially releases compressed gas from the bottom of the tank or vessel containing a liquid or multiple liquids in order to create circulation and mixing. Measured amounts of high-pressure gas are injected—or “pulsed”—under flat round discs called “accumulator plates” which are installed on the tank bottom. Sign up for the webinar to learn more about how the system operates and how it may save your operation time, reduce maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.  

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