Throwing away valuable by-products?

Throwing away valuable by-products?

Here's a better methodology to discover novel peptides with therapeutic benefits.

If you process plant-, marine- or animal-derived materials and are not fully using the by-products once your primary product has been created, you could be discarding valuable molecules. According to Dr. Nora Khaldi, founder and CSO of Nuritas Ltd., "many of these ingredients and by-products contain protein. We are able to data mine these proteins to determine what therapeutic peptides exist in your ingredient.”

Peptides are fragments of protein molecules. They are found in our skin and body, and in different plant sources such as legumes, algae, or animal products such as milk or meat. Peptides are signaling molecules that can positively influence our well-being.

"We work with companies to turn by-product waste into profitable products", saidKhaldi. "There is a wide range of potential therapeutic benefits from these peptides including cell proliferation, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, muscle development and recovery."

Utilizing computational biology, Khaldi has come up with a better methodology to discover novel peptides with therapeutic benefits. With bioinformatics technology, billions of peptides derived from a plant or animal source can be efficiently and quickly reduced to a handful of peptides that show important health and well-being benefits to humans and animals. This process requires only three months instead of the current trial-and-error methods that take years.

As an example, companies making biofuel from algae or other sources may now derive an additional, high-margin bioactive peptide from their by-product that could be sold to cosmetics, dietary supplements and pet food companies. This technology is also applicable to investigating main product ingredients.

What’s in your product?

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