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New Hope for Children with Learning Disorders - All-Natural Dietary Supplements Show Promise to Improve Symptoms of Dyslexia and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Learning-disabled children with symptoms of dyslexia and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may behave better and find it easier to think when their diets are supplemented with fatty acid, British researchers report in the February issue of the journal Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry.

The findings were derived from a three-month clinical trial conducted by Alexandra Richardson and Basant Puri, research faculty members at Oxford University and Imperial College School of Medicine in London. The pilot study was conducted with 41 boys and girls, ages 8-12.

Dr. Richardson informed the Washington, D.C. - based Dietary Supplement Information Bureau (DSIB) that the supplement used in the trial was made up of fatty acids from different natural sources (EPA and DHA derived from fish oil, and GLA and linoleic acid, derived from evening primrose oil.)

Dr. Jerry Cott, Ph.D., a Scientific Advisory Board Member of the DSIB, says "Approximately 4% of children are affected by ADHD, one of the most common mental disorders in children and adolescents, and an estimated 6.8% of children may have dyslexia. Reducing the symptoms without the side effects of prescriptions medications would be spectacular news for many current sufferers and could encourage a large number of children, as well as adults, now going untreated to seek relief for their symptoms." Dr. Cott is a specialist in clinical and preclinical psychotherapeutic drug development.

Dr. Richardson said, "Abundant evidence points to the importance of specific fatty acids in brain development and function. These fatty acids are often underconsumed or underproduced in children with behavioral and learning challenges." She continued, "Although our study did not employ the typical diagnostic measures for ADHD, all of the children experienced some difficulties of this kind in addition to their ready and writing difficulties, and were enrolled at a special learning school.

"Our study reinforces the assertion that in some children, learning difficulties and ADHD-related symptoms are responsive to dietary supplements providing the appropriate fatty acids," said Dr. Richardson. "A variety of symptoms characteristic of ADHD improved in the children receiving the fatty acid mixture compared to an olive oil placebo, without any apparent side effects."

Dr. Richardson also told the DSIB that a questionnaire widely used to assess responses to drugs like Ritalin and Adderall was given to each child's parents to assess changes in behavior and mental performance. This included measures of inattention, restlessness-impulsiveness, anxiousness-shyness, and cognitive problems. After three months of daily use, notable improvements were observed in most of the scores among the children receiving the special fatty acid mixture.

The study was sponsored by the Dyslexia Research Trust (, an Oxford-based charity dedicated to uncovering the biological basis of dyslexia and related conditions in order to develop better methods of identification and management.

The Dietary Supplement Information Bureau is a national non-profit organization created to provide accurate information about vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements for consumers and for the professional healthcare community. The DSIB Scientific Advisory Board oversees the development and dissemination of all information in cooperation with IMAGINutrition, Inc., a nutrition technology innovation and research organization which collaborates with academic research centers on clinical trials using dietary supplements. For more information, see the DSIB Web site at

Contact: Freeman Public Relations
Jolie Cross
[email protected]
Bobbi Schlesinger
[email protected]

Nordic Naturals Receives Special Patent for Flavored Gel Caps

Watsonville, California (January 15, 2002) Nordic Naturals, Inc. announced today receipt of a patent, which protects both their oil and gelatin capsule flavorings and their proprietary manufacturing process. The patent applies to essential fatty acids including fish oils with continuation to cover all usages of flavored capsules. Nordic Naturals manufactures a retail line and professional line of omega-3 products for both adults and children. The company uses only natural flavorings including lemon and strawberry to flavor both the fish oils and the gel caps used in their products.

President and founder, Joar Opheim, says, “This patented flavoring process we developed is important for many reasons. We wanted to greatly improve the palatability of our products and therefore increase the consumer’s/patient’s compliance in taking the formulas. We find it is especially helpful with regards to children and pregnant women.” The company currently offers 6 retail formulas under the “Ultimate Omega” line name that comes with a promise of purity (no heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides) as well as freshness (no rancidity) that is guaranteed through third party testing. Joar adds, “Since oils deteriorate quickly after exposure to oxygen, we use a special nitrogen exclusive process to prevent rancidity. We decided to protect our flavoring process so that those companies that are not testing their oils for rancidity would not be able to use this flavoring process to cover up a “bad oil” taste.”

Nordic Natural’s mission is to provide the world with the purest and freshest sources of essential fatty acids with greatly improved taste and stability to maintain optimum cellular health. Scientific research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids support a variety of functions in the body including cardiovascular health, increased memory, joint mobility and central nervous system development in the fetus and infant. Nordic Naturals products are currently being used in 7 unsolicited research projects including Harvard University and Georgetown University to determine potential uses of omega-3 fatty acids in ADHD, postpartum depression and Apraxia.

Nordic Natural’s products are available at health food stores, pharmacies and other fine retail outlets in the U.S. as well as through many practitioners.


Joar Opheim is available for comment or an interview by calling 831.724.6200.

Court Affirms that Companies Must Report Hazardous Products Immediately to CPSC

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Office of Information and Public Affairs
Washington, DC 20207

Release # 02-094

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A U.S. district judge has affirmed that companies must report immediately to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certain information that their products could cause injury or death. The ruling was made in a civil penalty action by the U.S. government against Mirama Enterprises Inc., which does business as Aroma Housewares Co., in San Diego, Calif., an importer of juice extractors (or juicers).

Aroma received telephone calls and letters beginning early in 1998 that the juicers were breaking apart and injuring consumers. By the time Aroma reported to CPSC in November 1998, it had at least 23 reports of incidents of juicers breaking apart, including reports of injuries to at least 22 consumers. Five of these injuries required stitches and one required surgery.

Judge Judith N. Keep in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California held the company liable before trial, based on the existing evidence and legal arguments. The judge noted that "companies are specifically advised to over-report rather than under- report." She added that the thrust of the Consumer Product Safety Act "is to impose on companies in the consumer product business a duty to report fully and immediately so that the Commission might protect the public safety."

The court found that the incidents reported to Aroma were "enough for a reasonable person to be able to conclude that the juicer posed an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death. ... The standard is a 'reasonable person' standard, not a 'reasonable expert' standard."

"The court's ruling strongly supports what the CPSC has been telling companies for years," said CPSC Acting Chairman Thomas Moore. "The sooner we learn of a problem, the sooner we can inform consumers and protect them from further injury and death."

The court will now consider the amount of penalty that Aroma must pay for failing to report the unsafe juicers. The Department of Justice's Office of Consumer Litigation is representing CPSC in the case.

Aroma Housewares Co. conducted a joint recall with CPSC of about 40,000 of these juice extractors in June 1999. For more information on the recall, call Aroma at (800) 276-6286 or go to the press release.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission protects the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death from 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury, call CPSC's hotline at (800) 638-2772 or CPSC's teletypewriter at (800) 638-8270, or visit CPSC's web site at For information on CPSC's fax-on-demand service, call the above numbers or visit the web site at To order a press release through fax-on-demand, call (301) 504-0051 from the handset of your fax machine and enter the release number. Consumers can obtain this release and recall information at CPSC's web site at

Natural Health Trends Corp. Enters Caribbean Market;

Subsidiary, Lexxus International, Expands Distribution Base Into Barbados

DALLAS -- Natural Health Trends Corp. (OTCBB:NHTC) announced that its subsidiary, Lexxus International, has begun distribution of the Company's popular quality-of-life product, Viacreme(TM), into Barbados. The Company, which reported net sales of approximately $20.5 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2001 versus $6.5 million for the same period the year before, is optimistic that this distribution arrangement will give the Company a foothold into the Caribbean markets.

A majority-owned subsidiary of Natural Health Trends Corp., Lexxus International distributes and markets Viacreme and other quality-of-life products. Viacreme is a patented, safe, clear, topical cream that contains the essential active ingredients that promotes clitoral sensitivity and improves the opportunity for women to achieve greater sexual satisfaction.

"We are happy to announce that Lexxus International has begun distribution into Barbados as we believe this is one more step toward a true world-wide distribution network for our products," said Mark Woodburn, President of Natural Health Trends Corp. "It is truly an exciting and rewarding time for Natural Health Trends as we are expanding into different parts of the world," he concluded.

About Natural Health Trends Corp.
Natural Health Trends Corporation is a holding company for two operating subsidiaries,, Inc., which sells nutritional supplements and vitamins and Lexxus International, Inc. Lexxus, started in January 2001, markets and sells the revolutionary new product, Viacreme(TM). Viacreme, developed by a leading gynecologist, is a quality-of-life product that contains the essential active ingredients to promote clitoral sensitivity and to improve the opportunity for women to achieve greater sexual satisfaction. Lexxus International has earned an estimated $17 million in revenues in just its first nine months of operation. The product, Viacreme, received a considerable amount of positive exposure including appearances on Good Morning Canada, FOX News and EXTRA, a leading television news magazine program.

Lexxus International recently announced two additional products to its quality-of-life line. The two products are LaVie, a non-alcoholic Bordeaux manufactured with some of nature's most sensuous herbs, and LexLips, a lip gloss designed to give the appearance of full and luscious lips.

Investors looking for information pertaining to Natural Health Trends Corp. or any of its subsidiaries are encouraged to look up on the Internet or by contacting Investor Relations Services, Inc. at 386.409.0200 or on the Internet at Shareholders are encouraged to register for updated information on the corporation via e-mail at the website.

When used in Form 10-QSB and in future filings by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the words "will likely result," "the Company expects," "will continue," "is anticipated," "estimated," "projected," "outlook" or similar expressions are intended to identify "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. The Company wishes to caution readers not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, each of which speak only as of the date made. Such statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from historical earnings and those presently anticipated or projected. The Company has no obligation to publicly release the results of any revisions, which may be made to any forward-looking statements to reflect anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances occurring after the date of such statements.

CONTACT: Natural Health Trends Corp.,
Mark Woodburn,
Investor Relations Services, Inc.,
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Tom Watkins, 386/409-0200
[email protected]

SOURCE: Natural Health Trends Corp.

Nutraceutical International Corporation Closes New Revolving Credit Facility

PARK CITY, Utah, -- Nutraceutical International Corporation (Nasdaq: NUTR) today announced that it had closed a new five-year, $60 million, revolving credit facility with Rabobank International as lead bank and with KeyBank, Wells Fargo Bank and Zions Bank as participating banks. Initial borrowings of $23.5 million under the new revolving credit facility were used to repay Nutraceutical's outstanding balance owed under its prior credit agreement, which was scheduled to mature in January 2003.

"Nutraceutical is pleased to secure this new revolving credit facility with a bank group knowledgeable about the industry," said Les Brown, Nutraceutical's senior vice president and chief financial officer. "This new facility assures us long-term, flexible financing to pursue our stated business strategies, which include increasing market share in the 'Healthy Foods Channel,' developing innovative new products, capitalizing on international growth and pursuing acquisition opportunities."

Nutraceutical is one of the nation's largest manufacturers and marketers of quality branded nutritional supplements sold to health and natural food stores. The Company sells its branded products under the brand names Solaray(R), KAL(R), NaturalMax(R), VegLife(R), Premier One(R), Solar Green(R), Natural Sport(R), ActiPet(R), Action Labs(R) and Thompson(R) to health and natural food stores in the United States, and to distributors and stores worldwide. Under the name Woodland Publishing(TM), the Company publishes, prints and markets a line of books and booklets to, among others, book distributors, national retail bookstores and health and natural food stores. The Company manufactures and/or distributes one of the broadest branded product lines in the industry with over 2,500 stock keeping units (SKUs), including over 400 SKUs exclusively sold internationally. The Company believes that as a result of its emphasis on innovation, quality, loyalty, education and customer service, the Company's brands are widely recognized in health and natural food stores and among their customers. In addition to its branded products, the Company manufactures bulk materials for use in its own products and for sale to other manufacturers and marketers in the nutritional supplement industry under the trade names Monarch Nutritional Laboratories(TM) and Great Basin Botanicals(TM).

The statements contained in this release, including those regarding the Company's business strategy, cost improvements, industry performance and the impact of these activities on the Company's future success, and all other statements that are not purely historical, are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Many of the factors that will determine the Company's financial results are beyond the ability of the Company to control or predict. These factors include, among other things, changing domestic and international market and political conditions, product competition, the nature of product development, adverse publicity regarding the consumption of nutritional supplements, changes in laws and regulations, adequacy and availability of insurance coverage, availability of raw materials, dependence on distributors and customers, litigation, limitations on future financings, increased costs, the Company's ability to manufacture its products efficiently, sales and earnings volatility, acts of war and terrorist activities, and the uncertainties relating to acquisitions. Actual events or the Company's actual results could differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. All such forward-looking statements are based upon information available to the Company as of the date hereof, and the Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained herein. For further details and a discussion of these risks and uncertainties, see the Company's SEC filings, which are updated from time to time, copies of which are available upon request from the Company at 435-655-6106.

American Health & Diet Centers, dba The Nutritionary, Launches New Website

- Consumers Can Now Order Products Online


FAIRFIELD, N.J.-- Joshua Tree Construction (OTCBB:JSHT) ("Joshua Tree" or the "Company") announces that American Health and Diet Centers, Inc. ("AHDC") dba The Nutritionary ("Nutritionary"), has launched a recently updated website that offers state-of-the-art browsing features, consumer health information, a complete catalog of products and easy ordering through its shopping cart program. The website resides at

Joshua Tree has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire American Health and Diet Centers, Inc. ("AHDC") dba "Vitamin Healthcenters," dba "The Nutritionary." The Company plans to change its name to reflect its new acquisition and change its trading symbol at a later date.

AHDC is a multi-channel marketer of high quality nutraceuticals and natural health product solutions. The Company has developed a low-cost retail store concept that is the core foundation of the model. AHDC gains significant market advantage by selling from high exposure, mall-based, staffed retail locations and small in-line stores. The Company has the ability to increase customer conversion by offering a supplement selection based on specific health solutions. The health solutions address weight loss, energy, sports nutrition, anti-aging and many other areas of concern. The Company offers a direct shipment program that enables customers to order via telephone, Internet or mail. The business model allows for a high margin retail health center that offers consumers convenient multi-channel access to quality products, backed by highly trained personal nutritional counselors. AHDC also developed state-of-the-art point of sale programs and has achieved a superior customer service track record.

Consumers and potential franchisees can now visit the site and find store locations, learn about each health and dietary supplement, join a mailing list for product specials and upcoming newsletters, find out how they can become store franchisees, "Shop the Nutritionary" and locate store locations.

"Our updated website represents a giant step in how consumers can now look for health information including health and dietary supplements," said Nutritionary Chief Operating Officer Marty Reynolds. "It has been shown that 55 million people or 60 percent of the Internet population have used the web to shop. Currently, sales of natural health products on the Internet are experiencing a 72.2 percent growth rate according to the Nutrition Business Journal.

"We have made the Nutritionary site very user friendly and easy to navigate. And what is most important, it allows the website visitor to research our products, make an informed decision and simply and quickly order the products they wish," Reynolds added.

AHDC dba Nutritionary is a multi-channel marketer of high quality nutraceuticals and natural health product solutions. It offers a supplement selection based on specific health solutions. The health solutions address weight loss, energy, sports nutrition, anti-aging and many other areas of concern. Because it is a multi-channel marketer, Nutritionary is able to offer a direct shipment program that enables customers to order via telephone, Internet or mail, in addition to its 22 retail stores. The "shop-at-home" concept has been found to augment and even enhance sales that were once only common with face-to-face storefronts.

The American Health and Diet Centers, dba, Nutritionary, was established in 1979 as "The Vitamin Healthcenters" and is a multi-channel marketer of high quality nutritional and natural health products. It is committed to being the best provider of quality products, information and services in the nutritional supplement, health and self-care market.

This news release includes "forward-looking statements" that include risk and uncertainties. The forward-looking statements in this release are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially due to a variety of factors, including without limitation, the Company's ability to produce and market products and/or services and other risks detailed from time-to-time in the Company's reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

SOURCE: American Health and Diet Centers, dba, Nutritionary

The Vitamin Shoppe Opens 100th Store Nationwide in New Jersey; The Vitamin Shoppe Donates To Local Police and Emergency Services Departments

PRINCETON, N.J. --The Vitamin Shoppe, one of the fastest growing specialty retailers in the country, for name brand vitamins, nutritional supplements, books, herbs and other health-related products, has unveiled its 100th store nationwide in Princeton, New Jersey.

Founded in 1977, The Vitamin Shoppe opened its first retail store in New York City and has grown into locations in 11 states across the country, a national monthly catalog and an extensive website (

As part of the celebration of its 100th location, The Vitamin Shoppe is donating $2,000 each to the Police Department and Emergency Services Department and $1,000 to the Mayor's new Community Foundation, which supports cultural activities in the area.

Jeffrey Horowitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Vitamin Shoppe, stated "I am proud to mark this milestone event in our headquarter's state, and to donate $5,000 to the community as a thank you for their support and to acknowledge their valuable contribution.

We look forward to expanding our New Jersey heritage and being a part of the Princeton and West Windsor community."

The Vitamin Shoppe offers customers discounted pricing, excellent customer service and a superior selection of more than 18,000 items from over 400 national brands, including The Vitamin Shoppe(R) brand. Other popular name brands offered at The Vitamin Shoppe include: Twinlab, Country Life, Gary Null, Natrol, EAS, Met-Rx, Nature's Way, Solgar, and Atkins, among hundreds of others.

"Since The Vitamin Shoppe began in 1977, our goal has always been to offer health-minded customers the largest selection of vitamins, minerals and supplements at discounted prices," commented Tom Tolworthy, President, The Vitamin Shoppe. "Our success in the industry is a result of our passion for offering the most comprehensive selection of nutritional products for healthy living."

The Vitamin Shoppe's new store in Princeton is in front of the Nassau Park Shopping Center, a one million square foot retail development, which is one of the largest in New Jersey. Existing tenants at the Nassau Park Shopping Center include Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target and Wegmans. This location will be the 12th store for The Vitamin Shoppe in New Jersey.

The company's 100th store is located at:
731 Nassau Park Boulevard
West Windsor Nassau Park Shopping Center
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 716-9400
Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm;
Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm;
Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

With 100 stores nationwide, The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the largest specialty retailers and direct marketers of nutritional products in the country. Founded in 1977, The Vitamin Shoppe, through its national network of stores, monthly catalog and website (, offers the industry's most complete product line of brand name vitamins, nutrition supplements, literature, homeopathic remedies and other health-related products.

The Vitamin Shoppe is known for its discount prices, excellent customer service and superb selection of more than 18,000 items from over 400 national brands.

CONTACT: The Vitamin Shoppe
Denise Treco,
[email protected]
Stephanie Wessel, 908/781-6420
[email protected]

SOURCE: The Vitamin Shoppe

Phytomedics Inc. and Degussa AG Enter Strategic Collaboration

Ushering a new era of multiple-mechanism therapeutics

Dayton, N.J., January 22, 2002; Phytomedics Inc., a private biotechnology company, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Degussa BioActives, one of the twenty-two business units of Degussa AG which is the largest specialty chemical company in the world. The objective of the agreement is to co-develop, produce and market PMI-5011, a proprietary botanical healthcare product with oral anti diabetic activity.

"We are very pleased to be working with Degussa BioActives, a world leader in developing dietary supplements that improve human health," said Dr. Bertold Fridlender, CEO of Phytomedics Inc. "Degussa BioActives's expertise in the areas of dietary supplements, functional foods and specialty nutrition complements Phytomedics' unique and proprietary discovery and development technologies. This synergy presents an opportunity for the commercialization of a new generation of novel, safe and effective botanical healthcare products."

More than 16 million people in the United States have diabetes, of which over 90 percent are type II diabetics. Type II diabetes patients usually cannot utilize insulin effectively, leading to increased levels of glucose in the blood stream and serious health complications such as kidney failure, stroke, amputation, blindness, cardiovascular disease, impotence and nervous system damage. While existing synthetic oral hypoglycemic drugs have been useful, they all have serious side effects and tend to lose their effectiveness over time.

PMI-5011 is a product of Phytomedics' pioneering technologies used to develop a new generation of safe, standardized, optimized and efficacious botanical therapeutics. These technologies combine targeted screening, bioinformatics and computational drug design approaches that usher a post-genomic era of drug and dietary supplement development. Phytomedics' technologies can naturally enhance a plant's ability to synthesize various healing compounds. These compounds, acting in synergy, greatly increase the safety and efficacy of PMI-5011, making it one of the first multiple-mechanism therapeutic products and opening a new dimension to disease treatment and prevention.

"While the benefit of synergistically acting plant components is well known, it has never been fully utilized in human healthcare. Phytomedics is able to move beyond the conventional 'one molecule-one medicine' approach, into the arena of multiple mechanism therapy," says Fridlender.

Phytomedics conducts its R&D under the leadership of Professor Ilya Raskin, Ph.D., at the Biotech Center of Rutgers University, who is also a founder and Chairman of the Company. Phytomedics has a broad research and licensing agreement with Rutgers University that allows the Company to exclusively license its core technologies and products.

Phytomedics has several botanical therapeutics in various stages of development for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, including products for viral, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, erectile dysfunction and sleep improvement, some of which are in clinical trials.

Project of Research and Development of Chinese Medicine Starts Up

SOURCE: AsiaPort

CHINA,-- To improve the level of modernization research and industrialization development of Chinese medicine and speed up the tenor of modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine, Ministry of Science and Technology has ranked "Modernization Research and Industrialization Development of Chinese Medicine" into the state scientific and technical key projects of China during The Tenth Five-Year. The project has been approved and launched at the end of 2001.

The project of "Modernization Research and Industrialization Development of Chinese Medicine" mainly includes 4 research contents: key technology of Chinese medicine production and high quality Chinese medicine breed; Chinese medicine diagnosis and treat to stubborn diseases; construction of research and development capability of innovative Chinese traditional medicine; intellectual property protection of Chinese medicine and internationalization stratagem.

More than 100 undertaking units all over China have attended the research of "Modernization Research and Industrialization Development of Chinese Medicine" . The implementary time of the project is from November 2001 to December 2003. The total investment of the project is 684.3359 million Yuan. Hereinto China government will provide the project with 50.01 billion Yuan.

Leiner Health Products Appoints Robert Reynolds as Chief Financial Officer

CARSON, Calif.-- Leiner Health Products today announced the appointment of Robert Reynolds as Chief Financial Officer effective immediately.

Mr. Reynolds served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Weider Nutrition International from 1990 to 1999, where he consolidated the company's manufacturing facilities and transitioned the business from a limited niche market sports nutrition business to a diversified mass market vitamin enterprise. He most recently held a position with Luxul Corporation, which he co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Reynolds is a CPA, and earned masters and bachelors degrees in accounting from Utah State University.

Robert Kaminski, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Rob's appointment is an important step in Leiner's restructuring process and is part of our effort to recruit strong new leadership in the company. His experience in the nutritional products industry and his proven financial and operational skills are uniquely suited for Leiner's business."

Robert Reynolds, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, said, "I am excited by the opportunity to join Leiner as it implements and completes its financial restructuring, and I am looking forward to working with the Leiner team as we continue to build on the Company's market leadership."

Leiner Health Products Inc., headquartered in Carson, California, is one of America's leading vitamin, mineral, nutritional supplement and OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company markets products under several brand names, including Natures Origin(TM), YourLife(R) and Pharmacist Formula(R). For more information about Leiner Health Products, visit

Forward-Looking Statement
Certain of the statements contained in this press release (other than statements of historical fact) are forward-looking statements, including statements regarding, without limitation, the Company's restructuring initiative, the Company's relationship with its lenders, trends in the Company's business, and the Company's future liquidity requirements and capital resources.

Forward-looking statements are made based upon management's current expectations and beliefs concerning future developments and their potential effects upon the Company. There can be no assurance that future developments will be in accordance with management's expectations or that the effect of future developments on the Company will be those anticipated by management. All forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties (some of which are beyond the control of the Company). The important factors described elsewhere in this press release and in the company's Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001 on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, could affect the Company's actual results and could cause such results to differ materially from estimates or expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements. In light of the factors, there can be no assurance that events anticipated by the forward-looking statements contained in this press release will in fact transpire. The Company undertakes no obligation to republish revised forward-looking statements to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Leiner Health Products,
David J. Coles,

SOURCE: Leiner Health Products