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Lonza's L-Carnitine Enhances Vitamin Absorption

Fair Lawn, November 22, 2002 - A method for increasing intestinal absorption of fat soluble vitamins in post-menopausal women was patented today by Hill’s Pet Nutrition (Topeka, Kansas) Kansas State Research Foundation (Manhattan, Kansas) and Lonza Ltd. (Basel, Switzerland). This method applies also to companion animals.

The method comprises orally administering a fat soluble vitamin and L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine enhances the antioxidant defense mechanism and lowers the risk of certain degenerative diseases, such as coronary heart disease, age-related macular degeneration, osteoporosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s, in post-menopausal women.

US Patent #6,476,010 explains:

· L-Carnitine plays a crucial role in the energy supply of tissues by modulating the entry of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix and their subsequent oxidation.

· Consistent with such a metabolic role, L-Carnitine has been shown to be effective in lowering the serum levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, and free fatty acids, while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. HDL cholesterol prevents the depositing of fats and fatlike substances in the arteries.

· Existing evidence indicates that L-Carnitine and its esters enhance the stability and integrity of erythrocyte membranes by participating in the reacylation (repair) of membrane phospholipids subjected to oxidative damage.

· Postmenopausal women make up over 15% of the total population in industrialized countries. By 2030, the proportion of postmenopausal women is predicted to increase to 23% of the total population.

· In addition, numerous epidemiological studies have shown that depletion of estrogen at the menopause influences cause-specific morbidity and mortality in later life.

· From the nutritional standpoint, menopause is the time when the body’s ability to absorb, assimilate and metabolize nutrients begins to deteriorate. Consequently, the body status of nutrients is compromised at and after menopause, with the manifestations of specific nutrient deficiency symptoms with time.

· It is well documented that postmenopausal women are substantially more susceptible to coronary heart disease, age-related macular degeneration, osteoporosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Although this is partly associated with the process of aging and deterioration of bodily functions and the immune systems, epidemiological evidence suggests that a significant association exists between the risks (or incidence) of certain chronic diseases and the inadequacies or deficiencies of specific nutrients in postmenopausal women.

· Current evidence strongly suggests that the compromised body status of lipid-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D and E, is a key factor influencing or contributing to the onset or development of the diseases.

Lonza Group is a Life Sciences driven chemical company headquartered in Switzerland, with sales of CHF 2.5 billion in 2001 and operating 21 production and R&D facilities in 9 countries. It employs 6 400 people worldwide and is the leading supplier of active chemical ingredients, intermediates and biotechnology solutions to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. It also offers a broad catalogue of organic intermediates for a wide range of applications such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, vitamins, food and feedstuff, dyes and pigments, adhesives and fragrances. Furthermore the Group manufactures specialty biocides and oleochemicals and develops and produces specific polymer intermediates, unsaturated polyester-resins, compounds and composites. For more information please visit the company’s websites at,

National Nutritional Foods Association's Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Certification Program to Enter Fifth Year

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In January of 2003, the National Nutritional Foods Association's (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification Program will enter its fifth year of verifying to consumers that dietary supplements are manufactured according to high standards. The third-party certification program includes inspections of dietary supplement manufacturing facilities to determine whether specified performance standards on a number of measures, including quality control, cleanliness, receiving and testing of raw materials, are being met.

The program, which was the first large-scale effort of its kind in the supplement industry, was launched in January of 1999 with the first certifications issued in July of that year. To date, 40 companies, among them some of the largest manufacturers in the industry representing more than 15,000 products, have been awarded certification and the opportunity to use NNFA's GMP seal on their product labels.

"In the absence of a federal regulation for dietary supplement manufacturing standards, NNFA decided to take the lead," said David Seckman, NNFA's executive director and CEO. "While we expect a proposal for federal standards at any time, it could still stay take years before a regulation will actually be implemented."

In 1994 the Food and Drug Administration gained the power to develop manufacturing standards for dietary supplements as a result of the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, but has yet to do so. In the meantime, dietary supplement manufacturers are required to adhere to good manufacturing practices for foods.

The goal of the NNFA GMP Certification program is ensure that all elements of the manufacturing process are reviewed, so that products meet their intended quality. Third-party onsite inspections of manufacturing facilities cover such areas as: disease control, cleanliness and training; establishment of a quality control unit, test methods and expiration dating, and procedures for storage and distribution.

Once certified, member manufacturers are given a compliance rating. A member supplier must receive an "A" rating in order to pass. Those who receive either a "B" or "C" rating, must correct deficiencies and submit for a re-audit. Certified companies are audited every three years to verify continued compliance with NNFA GMPs.

A complete list of NNFA GMP Certified companies can be found at .

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif. the National Nutritional Foods Association ( ) is the nation's largest and oldest non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry. NNFA represents nearly 5,000 retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of natural products, including foods, dietary supplements, and health/beauty aids.

Independent Study Finds That Daily Dose of COLD-EEZE(R) Cuts the Chances of Catching a Cold By More Than 50%

The Study, Published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, Also Shows That COLD-EEZE(R) Treatment Reduces Antibiotic Use

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The results of an independent study, released this week in the November/December issue of the American Journal of Therapeutics, find that COLD-EEZE(R), manufactured and distributed by The Quigley Corporation (Nasdaq: QGLY), is an effective means of cold prevention. Study findings show that, when taken daily, COLD-EEZE's patented Zinc Gluconate Glycine formula statistically lessens the number of colds an individual suffers per year, reducing the incidence from 62% to 28%.

"Up until now, prevention of the common cold has never been established," said Dr. Betty McElroy, Medical Director at the Heritage School where the study was conducted. "We didn't set out to complete a clinical study, but after witnessing firsthand the efficacy of COLD-EEZE to treat symptoms, we decided to report our findings. We were later pleased to discover that COLD- EEZE was also an effective means of cold prevention when taken once daily."

These findings are the result of an independent analysis of three years of clinical data at the Heritage School facility in Provo, Utah. The study also finds that, when COLD-EEZE is taken as a first-line treatment for the common cold, it statistically reduces the use of antibiotics for respiratory illnesses by 92%. Additionally, the study findings reinforce the original clinical trials, concluding that COLD-EEZE reduces the median duration of a cold by approximately 4 days from 10 to 6 days.

"While antibiotics should be used to treat bacterial infections, they are not effective against viral infections like the common cold, most sore throats, and the flu," remarked Dr. McElroy. "The results of this study show that the public has an effective, over-the-counter, cost-effective alternative for the common cold."

"We are very excited to have this data from the Heritage Study," said Guy Quigley, president and CEO of The Quigley Corporation. "These findings reinforce what we have been hearing for years from consumers -- that COLD- EEZE, if taken once daily in the place of a zinc supplement, seems to lessen the amount of common colds."

The Study

Synergy Research Inc., an independent research organization, conducted the retrospective study comprised of more than 170,000 patient days on a student population of 378 adolescents ranging in age from 12 to 18 years. The average length of stay at Heritage School is 14 months.

The Heritage School introduced COLD-EEZE lozenges to aid in the relief of the common cold in response to the high incidence of colds in 1999. COLD-EEZE was administered symptomatically to treat common cold signs and symptoms in September 1999 and became standard practice at the facility in December 2000. Between December 2000 and May 2001, one dose of COLD-EEZE was administered daily to the Heritage School students. Medical statistics then showed a decrease in cold episodes and the findings were reported to The Quigley Corporation.

COLD-EEZE is the #1 pharmacist recommended zinc treatment. It is recommended nine-to-one over its nearest competitor (Pharmacy Times survey, 1998-2002). The Quigley Corporation (Nasdaq: QGLY) is a leading developer and marketer of diversified health products including the COLD-EEZE family of patented Zinc Gluconate Glycine (ZIGG) lozenges, gums and sugar-free tablets. COLD-EEZE is the only lozenge proven in two double-blind studies to reduce the duration of the common cold from 7.6 to 4.4 days or by 42%. In addition to Over-The-Counter (OTC) products, the Company has formed Quigley Pharma Inc. (, a wholly owned ethical pharmaceutical subsidiary, to introduce a line of patented prescription drugs. The Quigley Corporation's customers include leading national wholesalers and distributors, as well as independent and chain food, drug and mass merchandise stores and pharmacies.

Certain statements in this press release are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and involve known and unknown risk, un certainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from the results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statement. Factors that impact such forward- looking statements include, among others, changes in worldwide general economic conditions, changes in interest rates, government regulations, and worldwide competition.

National Coalition of Philanthropists to Confer Leadership Award on Champion of Integrative Medicine

(Minneapolis, Minn.) --- Recognizing the fundamental role that integrative medicine plays in health and healing, a national coalition of foundations and philanthropists today announced its plans to honor the contributions made by individuals who have been leaders in its emergence. The Philanthropic Collaborative for Integrative Medicine is now accepting nominations for its inaugural Bravewell Leadership Award, which carries a cash prize of $100,000. Nominations will be accepted through February, 2003.

“This award spotlights and celebrates the true champions of integrative medicine and what they do to change the face of health care,” stated Bill Sarnoff, Board Chairman of the Philanthropic Collaborative for Integrative Medicine. “There are a number of pioneers in this crusade, and we are excited to begin recognizing those who have had a significant impact on the way we as a nation think about health and healing,” he continued. “It takes a certain spirit to inspire, courage to lead, and vision to change. The Bravewell Leadership Award will honor these rare qualities among leaders of the cause for many years to come.”

To be eligible for nomination, an individual must be a physician or other doctoral level professional. Additional eligibility criteria, terms, and nomination forms can be accessed at

The Philanthropic Collaborative for Integrative Medicine is an operating foundation created in 2002 by a small group of philanthropists committed to strategically advancing the field of integrative medicine.

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Hsu Joins RFI Ingredients

RFI Ingredients, Blauvelt, NY, has named Pi-Yu Hsu technical manager at its New York headquarters location. Ms. Hsu has a background in food science and research and development in both the U.S. and Taiwan and has also been involved with new product development, including the commercialization of three products currently on the market. She was most recently a food scientist with Tah Chwen Food Company in Taipei, Taiwan.

About RFI Ingredients: RFI, Blauvelt, NY, is a leading supplier of innovative natural ingredients for the food, functional food and dietary supplement industries. The company specializes in proprietary GRAS products for functional food applications, antioxidants, antimicrobials and natural preservatives and natural colors and extracts.

Carrington Announces Strategic Marketing Alliance With Nutraceutical Company Tradeworks Group, Inc.

     -  New Product Targets $2.12 Billion Specialized and Growing U.S.
        Nutritional Supplement Market for 'Immunostimulants'
     -  Exclusive Agreement Results in Carrington's Manapol(R) Being Combined
        With MaitakeGold 404(R) for Unique Immune System Enhancer

IRVING, Texas, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Carrington Laboratories, Inc. (Nasdaq: CARN) today announced that its subsidiary Caraloe, Inc. has obtained the exclusive right among manufacturers of products from the Aloe vera L. plant to use MaitakeGold 404(R) in combination with any product produced from aloe. The arrangement is with the Tradeworks Group, Inc. of Brattleboro, Vermont, which holds the North American marketing and distribution rights to the Maitake Beta-[1,6]- and [1,3]-Glucans extract found in maitake mushrooms and protected by U.S. patent 5,854,404.

Manapol(R) is a proprietary raw material from Aloe vera L. naturally containing Beta-[1,3]-Glucans. Caraloe, under the AloeCeuticals(R) label, markets a regular Manapol(R) immune system stimulant plus a Manapol(R) enriched with beta glucans. Caraloe will now market its third product in the immune system stimulant line with Manapol(R) plus MaitakeGold 404(R). Both Manapol(R) and MaitakeGold 404(R) have been used in oral preparation for several years with no reported health issues.

The product targets the growing nutritional supplements market, which is estimated by "Nutrition Business Journal" to be about $17 billion in the U.S. Of that, the specialized market for immune enhancing products is about $2.12 billion and is one of the fastest growing categories.

Suzanne McNeary, Tradeworks' vice president of marketing, in the July/August 2002 issue of "Nutraceutical World Magazine," stated, "Natural product surveys are indicating that the immuno-stimulant category is one of the fastest growing areas for dietary supplements because health conscious consumers are using these types of products to fend off a variety of conditions." She added, "In addition, several researchers, health practitioners and patients are turning to alternative medicines to aid in immunology against more serious health conditions."

Unique Immune System Enhancer

"MaitakeGold 404(R), scientifically extracted from the maitake mushroom, is one of the more comprehensive immunostimulants available in the dietary supplement category and has been substantiated for several DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) structure/function claims for immune support," said Walt Jones, president of Caraloe. "Likewise, our Manapol(R) material, also a combination of naturally occurring substances, carries a DSHEA claim that it promotes and enhances immune system activity. The combination of the two offers a unique immune enhancement product."

Jones added, "Manapol(R) is a patent protected 'product by process' and is to my knowledge the only refined product available from the Aloe vera L. plant that carries a DSHEA claim. Additionally, it is the only product from Aloe vera where the consumer knows exactly how many milligrams are available in each capsule, tablet, powder or drink formulation. Moreover, Manapol(R) is produced in an ISO-certified facility under cGMPs for human oral drug production and is produced from certified organically grown aloe."

Manapol(R) is a registered trademark of Carrington Laboratories recognized worldwide. Manapol(R) products are distributed domestically and internationally and have a recognized and growing presence in Japan, Taiwan and other Pacific Rim countries.

About MaitakeGold

Taken on an ongoing basis, MaitakeGold 404(R), known in Japan as Maitake MD-Fraction, may play a significant protective role by supporting the body's immune system activity. MaitakeGold 404(R) is a highly concentrated maitake mushroom-derived beta glucan extract that helps support health by promoting cellular immune response and therefore cellular health. Additionally, MaitakeGold 404(R) may provide healthy immune response support to individuals challenged by environmental and lifestyle stressors.

About Manapol(R) Powder

Because of its unique and patented composition of matter, Manapol(R) Powder stimulates very specific white blood cells called macrophages. Macrophages are cells that patrol throughout the body and seek out, meet, and address challenges to the immune system. In this way macrophages are able to "up-regulate" and enhance immune system response. Manapol(R) comes in 150 mg tablets, 40 mg capsules, 160 mg powder and 40 mg/oz in liquid formulations. Each milligram of regular Manapol(R) Powder contains one microgram of naturally occurring beta glucans.

About Tradeworks Group

Tradeworks Group is a diversified nutraceutical product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically researched ingredients for human and animal nutrition. Tradeworks merges advanced nutritional technology with exceptional marketing skills to create novel nutraceutical ingredients designed to excel in the dietary supplement and functional foods marketplace. Additional information about Tradeworks is available at its home page at .

About Carrington

Carrington Laboratories, Inc., is an ISO 9001-certified, research-based biopharmaceutical company currently utilizing naturally occurring complex carbohydrates to manufacture and market products for mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care; manufacture and market the nutraceutical raw materials Manapol(R) and Hydrapol(TM); and market consumer products under the AloeCeuticals(R) brand. Carrington's technology is protected by more than 120 patents in 26 countries. Select products are honored with the internationally coveted CE mark, recognized by more than 20 countries around the world.

Certain statements in this release concerning Carrington may be forward-looking. Actual events will be dependent upon a number of factors and risks including, but not limited to: subsequent changes in plans by both companies' management; delays or problems in formulation, manufacturing, distribution, production and/or launch of new finished products; supply of Manapol(R) or MaitakeGold 404(R); changes in the regulatory process; changes in market trends; and a number of other factors and risks described from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission, including the Form 10Q filed November 14, 2002.


Uncle Matt’s Organic Juices: New Packaging = Better Taste

Clermont, FL (November 8, 2002) McLean Marketing announced today a fresh, new concept in packaging for Uncle Matt’s Organic Juices. The company will be offering its organic orange juice in PET bottles in three different sizes: 10, 32 and 64 ounces. PET #1 has many advantages to offer which, for consumers, translates into better juice quality and taste plus an “easy to recycle” container. Here are the facts:

• PET #1 packaging produces better juice quality over the life of the product providing a better oxygen barrier with less flavor scalping
• PET #1 provides the same shelf life as the former cardboard gable top cartons
• PET #1 is the most recycled form of plastic in the U.S.

The new packaging offers consumers three sizes and price levels to choose from instead of the one-half gallon size only. The two larger sizes accommodate both large and small families while the convenient 10 oz. size is perfect for the “grab and go” shopper. Uncle Matt’s will have the first organic chilled juice offered in a 64 oz size PET. “This keeps us at the forefront in packaging and juice quality as well as consumer trends,” says Matt McLean, CEO of Uncle Matt’s. “We are proud to be the leader and innovator in this exciting and dynamic category.” The new packaging also incorporates their updated logo, which better integrates the Uncle Matt’s brand as certified organic.

Uncle Matt’s will continue to offer their premium quality, gourmet, organic orange juice in both pulp and pulp free made from the same great blend of Early-Mid and Sweet Valencia oranges from Florida. As always, the products have no additives or preservatives, are kosher certified and promise that “fresh squeezed” taste. Uncle Matt’s Organic juices are produced under the strict regulation and guidelines of the Florida Organic Growers Association, the largest and most respected organic organization in Florida. McLean Marketing is an active member of the OTA and supports the Organic Farming Research Foundation.


Matt McLean is available at 352.394.8737.

James M. Lancheros in the UK to Discuss Dietary Supplement Legal Issues at Functional Foods Conference

(Chicago, IL) November 19, 2002 – James Lancheros, an attorney at the law firm of Weaver & Amin in Chicago, will discuss legal issues facing the dietary supplement industry and how functional foods and dietary supplements are defined and regulated in the U.S. with an emphasis on product development as it relates to regulatory pathway selection at the
IIR.Ltd. Functional Foods conference, November 25-26, held at the Holiday Inn Victoria in London.
Lancheros will provide a detailed analysis of U.S. functional food, GRAS, food additive and dietary supplement regulatory considerations and its impact on product labeling and advertising. He will also cover various types of allowable functional food and nutraceutical claims and how their construction within the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations provide useful information in determining product placement. An overview of FDA enforcement actions associated with functional food and nutraceutical products will also be included.

Lancheros, an Indiana University and DePaul University College of Law graduate, focuses his practice on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), U.S. Department of Agriculture, and related federal and state regulatory and litigation issues. He provides legal counsel regarding food, drug, cosmetic, biotechnology research and development, medical devices, product approval process, good manufacturing practices, labeling, health claims, advertising and inspection matters. Lancheros also spends significant time practicing patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, Internet and unfair competition law. His practice includes the prosecution, maintenance and licensing of intellectual property, as well as intellectual property and contract litigation.
For additional legal information, contact Weaver & Amin at
(312) 701-0844 or visit the web site at

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Food Bacteria Mutations Can Be Controlled

CHICAGO - The appropriate use of sanitizers and antimicrobial food preservatives is a simple method to control foodborne pathogens without concern for creating "super" bugs - microorganisms resistant to antimicrobial treatment. This according to the not-for-profit, international scientific society Institute of Food Technologists and its forthcoming Scientific Status Summary, Resistance and Adaptation to Food Antimicrobials, Sanitizers, and Other Process Controls.

According to the report published in the November issue of IFT's Food Technology magazine, there is no evidence that proper use of antimicrobial agents in food manufacturing settings will lead to the development of resistant microorganisms.

Acknowledging that data addressing the creation of antimicrobial resistant pathogens are scarce, the report calls for increasing studies of the conditions that exist within and on food production and processing lines.

"In the laboratory, it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that organisms can develop tolerances when improperly exposed to sanitizers or antimicrobials," said P. Michael Davidson, IFT member, professor at the University of Tennessee, and co-author of the summary. "More study is needed in realistic settings, such as model food processing lines."

There is the potential for emergence of resistant microorganisms with an ever-increasing reliance on and use of sanitizers on food handling equipment and raw food products, the report states. However, it does not predict any public health problems resulting from microorganisms that develop resistance to current antimicrobial applications in food manufacturing.

"There's no indication of an increase in the incidence of resistant organisms on food products," after applying preservatives, sanitizers or antimicrobial agents, Davidson says.

Simple methods for overcoming the potential for development of antimicrobial resistance by pathogens in food manufacturing settings include the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents, avoidance of sub-lethal concentrations of antimicrobial agents, and the appropriate use of combinations of antimicrobials, the report concludes.

Food Technology articles can be accessed online via IFT Scientific Status Summaries are accessible at


Founded in 1939, the Institute of Food Technologists is a not-for-profit scientific society with 27,000 members working in food science, technology and related professions in industry, academia and government. As the society for food science and technology, IFT brings sound science to the public discussion of food issues. For more on IFT, see

Vital Living Successfully Completes Acquisition of MAF BioNutritionals; Acquisition Estimated to Add Approximately $3 Million in Sales to Fiscal Year 2003

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 21, 2002--Vital Living Inc. (OTCBB:VTLV) the Physician Nutraceutical Company(SM), today announced the conclusion of its acquisition of privately-held MAF BioNutritionals (MAF) of Boonton, N.J.
MAF is a innovative nutraceutical company marketing to health care practitioners, natural products retailers and consumers nationwide. Vital Living's Board of Directors unanimously approved the deal, whereby Vital Living will acquire all of the outstanding stock of MAF for 2.5 million shares of restricted Vital Living common stock, with no registration rights, together with the assumption of certain MAF debt.

MAF products are comprised of naturally occurring, primarily certified organic, substances that address the needs of an aging and chronically ill population, an emerging new category in disease prevention and health care.

The acquisition is estimated to add approximately $3 million in sales to the company in 2003. The transaction will also allow Vital Living immediate access to over 2,000 existing dispensing practitioners, as well as many retail accounts, health clubs, vitamin stores and life style accounts.

According to Brad Edson, CEO of Vital Living, "MAF brings a solid distribution model and innovative products to complement our expanding physician channel. Together, Vital Living and MAF collectively address one of the most exciting and fastest growing segments in nutrition today."

William Coppel, president of MAF BioNutritionals and incoming president of Vital Living, stated, "The synergy between the two companies is dramatic. Combining the strengths of both organizations will increase efficiencies as well as product offerings, increasing revenues almost immediately."

MAF adds extensive retail distribution not currently available to Vital Living for its product line currently being dispensed at the Arizona Heart Institute and medical facilities and by the Medical Resource, LLC, National Provider Network.

About MAF

MAF BioNutritionals, LLC (MAF), a private company located in Boonton, NJ was formed in 1998 by Dr. Philip Maffetone, who has been a respected pioneer in the field of complementary medicine for over 25 years, bringing the latest advances to health care professionals around the world. The MAF line of products includes a number of all-natural nutraceuticals that contain certified organic ingredients. The products are all formulated to support proactive human cell maintenance and rehabilitation, which is fundamental in the prevention and treatment of disease, without the damaging side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. MAF's business objective is to capitalize on an emerging health care sector, one that focuses on nutrition as a means to true disease prevention, a widely embraced solution to spiraling healthcare costs and the unfolding healthcare crisis.

About Vital Living

Vital Living develops and markets evidence-based nutraceuticals formulated by physicians for distribution through physicians. The company is developing and testing nutraceuticals in collaboration with leading medical experts based on the best available scientific evidence.

Vital Living's nutraceuticals are designed to be incorporated by physicians into a standard physician/patient program, supported by a specially designed compliance regimen. The company's initial area of focus is cardiovascular health, the leading health concern in America affecting 60 million consumers. Essentum(TM) is currently being endorsed and prescribed at the Arizona Heart Institute as part of a comprehensive cardiovascular health program.

Except for any historical information, the matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including activities, events or developments that the company expects, believes or anticipates will or may occur in the future. A number of factors could cause actual results to differ from those indicated in the forward-looking statements, including the company's ability to continue to successfully market and provide its products and services and maintain their effectiveness, the continuation of the arrangements with the company's product development partners, the ability of the company to meet its financial projections, and general economic conditions. Such statements are subject to a number of assumptions, risks and uncertainties. Readers are cautioned that such statements are not guarantees of future performance and that actual results or developments may differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information or otherwise.