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Articles from 2013 In May

Who is the right contract manufacturer for me?

Entrusting your product to another manufacturer can be scary, but it’s often the next step in growing out your brand. If you do your homework and really evaluate your options, you’re bound to find a contract manufacturer that can meet—and maybe even exceed—your needs. Take these tips from Liz Myslik, executive vice president of brand management at Fresca Foods.

How can I make my product catch consumers’ eyes?

You’re not the only one selling a great organic soup mix or meat marinade. Competition is fierce across nearly every natural food category, so you need your product to stand out from the crowd. Be bold, be different, be something shoppers won’t miss. John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, offers expert advice.

When can I expect to break even—or profit?

You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears—and lots of money—into your natural product, and now consumers are loving it. So when will the real dollars come in? How long will it take to have actual capital to move your startup forward? Hear what John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, has to say about the road from in-the-red to in-the-black.

Who should taste my product pre-launch?

You’ve perfected your recipe and feel confident you’ve made a fantastic new natural food product. Still, before you launch, it pays to get more palates involved to make sure your creation’s a winner. But whose palates? And how many? John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, shares a few simple sampling tips to help you hone your product.

What should I know before my first trade show?

If you think that just by renting a booth at a busy trade show, you’ll expose hordes of potential buyers to your new natural brand, think again. Trade shows aren’t simply “if you build it, they will come.” You’ve got passion, pizzazz and a positive attitude, right? John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, tells us why and how you’ve gotta take that to the show floor.

How do I ask my siblings & best friends for money?

If lending you capital means draining their 401K, then maybe investing in your natural products startup isn’t the best idea. But if a family member or friend believes in your mission and can help you without going broke, then it can be a very positive thing. John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, offers expert advice on how to navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of asking loved ones for financial help.

The most common early entrepreneur error

Launching a new natural or organic food is fun—heck, if it were a total chore, you’d go back to your office job. Perfecting the product, developing branding, spreading the word—all of these activities get the creative juices flowing and adrenaline pumping. But there’s also a good shake of not-so-fun stuff that—sorry, new entrepreneur—you can’t skimp on. John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, talks the gritty details.

1 business plan element too often overlooked

Amazing product—check. Hole in the natural marketplace that your natural food will fill—check. A step-by-step strategy to guide growth from startup to major brand—check. What’s missing? John Maggio, founder and CEO of Big Mouth Snack, shares one key piece of a business plan that new entrepreneurs frequently forget to focus on. Check it out. 

Boulder Chips’ biggest bungle

Natural products industry mainstay Boulder Canyon Potato Chips has been gracing store shelves nationwide for decades. Obviously, the company has done a lot right. But even this successful brand botched a few things along the way. John Maggio, co-founder of Boulder Natural Foods, shares the company’s story.

Why a brand is more than just a logo

Everyone knows Nike’s swoosh and Target’s target. And within the natural and organic products industry, Clif’s block lettering and even the Non-GMO Project’s butterfly logo are easy to recognize. A great logo is clutch, but it’s not the only element of a successful brand. John Grubb, managing partner of the Sterling-Rice Group, explains what else is essential in creating a brand that really resonates.