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Articles from 2013 In June

Study shows iron reduction benefits cardio health

Study shows iron reduction benefits cardio health

Statin medications are known to have an effect on cellular iron. A group of researchers have compared the effects of statins on iron reduction and cholesterol levels (HDL/LDL ratio). It included patients with advanced peripheral arterial disease.

Improved clinical outcomes were associated with lower iron levels but not with changes in cholesterol levels. This means that iron reduction may provide a low-cost alternative to statins for reducing inflammation associated with arterial disease. The iron reduction can be achieved via therapeutic phlebotomy (TP). The procedure is identical to blood donation, except that TP requires a doctor’s prescription.

The results appeared in the April 2013 issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

Improved iron metabolism might also be achieved by dietary changes. The strategy would be to not merely avoid foods containing iron, but rather have each person's overall nutritional status assessed and appropriate changes made to reduce the accumulation of excess iron in the cells.

Pathologic cellular iron retention has been implicated in several features of heart disease (systemic oxidative stress and vascular inflammation).

Statin-Iron Axis

The research team postulated that one way statin drugs improve cardiovascular outcomes is by countering the pro-inflammatory effects of excess iron in the body. One evidence of this link is that prior to menopause, women have much lower levels of heart attack than men, by virtue of depleting their iron stores each month during menstruation. But after menopause, when menstruation stops, women's heart attack risk more closely approximates men's.

Using data from a clinical trial of iron (ferritin) reduction in advanced peripheral arterial disease, the Iron and Atherosclerosis Study, the researchers compared effects of ferritin levels vs. high-density lipoprotein to low-density lipoprotein ratios (both were randomization variables) on clinical outcomes in participants receiving and not receiving statins.

"There are commonalities between the clinical benefits of statins and the maintenance of physiologic iron levels," the researchers concluded. "Iron reduction may be a safe and low-cost alternative to statins."

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PowderPure embraces whole-food color and flavor

Acerola fruit
<p> Acerola fruit.</p>

PowderPure is a new brand of pure powders that provide sustainable nutrition, real color and genuine flavor with little to no additives. PowderPure first debuted at Engredea and Expo West 2013.

“We’re at the forefront of a very exciting movement toward the consumption of whole foods and whole-food products,” said Frank Davis, CEO of Food For Health International.  “Our technology is quick, efficient and sustainable, and allows us to deliver the original phytonutrients of whole foods for months on end without needing synthetic nutrients or preservatives.”

Added Dr. Kerry Ringer, CSO of Columbia PhytoTechnology, “Our powders are not replacements for those of current suppliers but are a step above and beyond what is currently available – not only in quality, but also in sustainability.”

One of PowderPure's star products is a Brazilian-sourced, organic acerola powder with a naturally occurring vitamin C content of at least 25% in every batch. “That’s unheard of for an acerola juice powder,” said Dr. Ringer. “The next closest standard by a competing product is 18% – and that’s with added ascorbic acid. PowderPure never boosts vitamin C content with ascorbic acid.”

Sister company Activz has also unveiled line of dietary supplements using PowderPure ingredients.

In just eight years, FFH has launched several innovative brands including Activz, a line of whole-food nutritional supplements. For more information on Food for Health or its brands, visit or call 866-206-9876. The company did not respond to several interview requests from NewHope360.

In ingredients are manufactured with the help of Columbia Phyto Technology. After several years of scientific analysis and fine-tuning technology, CPT engineered an environmentally sustainable, commercial food-drying process that creates affordable, high-quality powders that retain the full flavor and nutrition of the original fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit

Pregnant women should pump iron

Pregnant women should pump iron

A daily dose of iron may be the answer to the most widespread nutritional deficiency in the world. New research published on links a daily dose of iron to reduced anemia levels in pregnant women, resulting higher birth weights in their babies.

Researchers in the U.K. and U.S. analyzed the results of over 90 studies (a mix of randomized trials and cohort studies) of prenatal iron use and prenatal anemia, involving nearly two million women. They found that iron use increased a mother’s average hemoglobin levels compared with controls and significantly reduced the risk of anemia. Currently, an estimated 32 million pregnant women around the world suffer from anemia, especially in low and middle income countries, reports

The effects were seen for iron doses up to 66 mg per day. The World Health Organization currently recommends a dose of 60 mg per day for pregnant women. Researchers found that for every 10 mg increase in iron dose per day (up to 66 mg per day), risk of maternal anaemia was 12 percent lower, birth weight increased by 15 g and risk of low birth weight decreased by three percent.

“Our findings suggest that use of iron in women during pregnancy may be used as a preventive strategy to improve maternal hematological status and birth weight,” said the authors in a release. They call for “rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness of existing antenatal care programmes in high burden countries to identify gaps in policy and programme implementation.” They say future research should explore “feasible strategies of iron delivery.”

For those women morally opposed to the use of iron, hope remains for their low birth weight babies. A study published on The Lancet suggests that massaging them with sunflower seed oil can protect them from infections.

Arginine silicate targets sports, cardio, men's health

Arginine silicate targets sports, cardio, men&#039;s health

Not all arginines are made alike. That is the big news when Nutrition 21 of New York earned New Dietary Ingredient — or NDI status  —  for its novel new form of arginine, called Nitrosigine.

The branded ingredient is a patented source of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate.

Arginine has been studied since 1998 as a natural metabolic donor of nitric oxide. Meanwhile, there is also accumulated evidence over 35 years that silicone plays a role in connective tissue and bone health.

Nitrosigine contains both arginine and silicone; it therefore has applications in the sports nutrition, cardio health and men's health categories.

"What we did is we took arginine, a well-studied heart-health ingredient, and blended it with silica and argine," said Dorothy McEntee, Nutrition 21's new marketing director. "This causes the release of bradykinin, which enhances blood flow. For this reason, we earned approval from the FDA in March as a new dietary ingredient. Nitrosigine works 4x better than control and 2x better than regular arginine."

Primary investigator Dr. James C. Russell, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, lead one of the preclinical studies. His research concluded that the arginine silicate inositol complex is absorbed efficiently; raises plasma arginine levels; and is more biologically effective than arginine hydrochloride.

“Our research has shown significant protective effects of the novel amino acid compound arginine silicate in an animal model of metabolic syndrome with treatment reversing impaired function of the coronary arteries,” Dr. Russell said.

His study was titled “Metabolic Effects of a Novel Silicate Inositol Complex of the Nitric Oxide Precursor Arginine in the Obese Insulin-resistant JCR:LA-cp Rat.”

Nitrosigine provides all the benefits of arginine, silicon and potassium, with additional benefits from the unique combination.


Sports Nutrition Cardio Heath   

Men's health

Nitrosigine ASI



Silicon (8%)

Potassium (5%)


500 mg


200 mg


40 mg


25 mg


"Nitrosigine provides the benefits of arginine and silicon, with additional benefits from the unique combination,” said James Komorowski, MS, CNS, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at Nutrition 21.

Research has shown dramatic protective effects of the novel amino acid compound arginine silicate in pre-clinical studies. Results with human subjects are anticipated for third quarter 2013.

• Nitrosigine almost doubles maximum blood flow compared to Arginine HCI and is 4x greater than control;

• Nitrosigine blood vessel relaxation is almost 5x greater than Arginine HCI;

• Nitrosigine supplementation significantly increased silicon blood levels compared to normal dietary intake.

Nutrition 21 of New York currently holds more than 100 domestic and international issued and pending patents for products. Many support unique claims associated with, among others, glucose metabolism, weight management, brain health and cardiovascular health.



Lessons from Bi-Rite: How to forge relationships with local retailers

You've got a few festivals under your belt, farmers' market patrons are hip to your product, and your friends and family are spreading the word like gospel. Now's the time to jump into the retail game, but where to begin? Liz Martinez, director of operations at San Francisco's Bi-Rite family of independent retail outlets, walks you through the dos and don'ts of courting an indie retailer.

Lessons from Bi-Rite: How to thrive in indie retail

Congrats! You rattled off those half-dozen emails, sent in your product samples, sweet-talked the cashiers and finally your artisan yogurt brand got picked up by a neighborhood retailer. Now, how do you ensure those yogurt cups catch your neighbors' eyes and pick up velocity on the store shelf? Liz Martinez, director of operations for independent San Francisco retailer Bi-Rite, offers these tips on maintaining a healthy relationship with your natural retail partners.

What information must show up on a supplements label?

There’s a widespread misconception out there that dietary supplement businesses are unregulated. Not true. Supplements carry their own host of rules that young entrepreneurs must get a handle on before launching a brand. One of the top experts in the biz, Steve Taormina, standards director at New Hope Natural Media, sheds some light.

PharmaDirections and Instant GMP team up to provide master manufacturing formulas for supplements available to the public

 PharmaDirections is providing its formulation development expertise and InstantGMP is providing its electronic batch record format to publish master manufacturing formulas that can be used by dietary supplement manufacturers to make commercial scale batches.

PharmaDirections and InstantGMP have been tracking the difficulties that have befallen many dietary supplement companies who lack good master manufacturing formulas. Since the implementation of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) dietary supplement producers must follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as defined by the FDA. The FDA is finding that more than 75 percent of all dietary supplement companies are not in compliance with cGMPs. PharmaDirections and InstantGMP decided to use their formulation development expertise and their electronic batch records systems to do something to help.

At least 25 percent of dietary supplement producers and packagers who are inspected by the FDA are receiving warning letters that could put them out of business if they don’t come into compliance. The majority of these letters describe deficiencies in master production records and batch production records or that the producers are not following a master manufacturing formula. Since PharmaDirections has significant expertise in formulation development and InstantGMP has software systems that make staying in compliance with cGMPs easy, they decided to collaborate in publicizing master manufacturing formulas for typical dietary supplement products. These are real master manufacturing formulas that can be produced for commercial supply.

The InstantGMP software provides the framework for master production records and batch production records that can help dietary supplement manufacturers keep in compliance with cGMPs. The master manufacturing records are available on the InstantGMP web site at their resource center. These include dietary supplement products such as Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and calcium fortified with Vitamin D. Each master production record contains a bill of materials with a complete list of the ingredients and raw materials, and the list of equipment needed for manufacturing. The most important part is the detailed set of manufacturing instructions that describe how much material to weigh out in the proper order, how to blend, how to compress into tablets and how to coat the final product.

From your backyard to beyond: How to develop a killer strategic sales plan

You've got your friends and family excited about your new almond butter idea, but how do you translate that excitement over to local natural retailers? Or, if you've had a year of success selling through nearby indies, how do you set a sales and distribution target for year two? Fred Storck, president of Storck Strategic Sales Development, presented some solid sales strategy tips at a recent Naturally Boulder event. Hear how his advice can work for your business.

(Viewing tip: If you want to get a closer look at the PowerPoint slides in this presentation, click the "full screen mode" box in the lower right corner of the video screen.)

Council for Responsible Nutrition adds new members

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, today announced the addition of four new members: Voting Members—; and Parchem Nutrition Inc.; and Associate Members—Arnold & Porter LLP; and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. is an online retailer of dietary supplements, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev. DrVita offers thousands of natural products from hundreds of manufacturers including the DrVita brand, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, and packaged and stored in conditions of the highest standard.

Parchem Nutrition Inc. is a leading global supplier of ingredients for the nutrition industry, headquartered in New Rochelle, N.Y. Parchem Nutrition serves the needs of the nutritional industry, offering a wide range of vitamins and amino acids, emollients, thickeners and stabilizers, emulsifiers, excipients and colorants. Parchem Nutrition provides high quality natural and synthetic materials with the leading certifications.

Arnold & Porter LLP is an Am Law 100 firm focusing on the intersection of business, law, and public policy. With its roots in Washington, D.C., the firm has more than 800 lawyers across the U.S. and Europe, twenty of whom focus on food and drug law. The firm’s San Francisco office, in particular, is known for its work advising and defending companies regarding California’s unique toxics and labeling law, Proposition 65, and California’s expansive consumer protection laws.

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, a national law firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and five other cites, is known for its quality and commitment to clients, and for offering integrated, relationship-based services and capabilities typically found only in boutique firms. The firm has extensive experience helping dietary supplement, food, cosmetic and other companies of all sizes navigate Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration regulations, bringing and defending advertising challenges at the National Advertising Division, the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program, and in court, and defending consumer class actions. 

For a complete list of CRN member companies, visit CRN’s website.