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CNI features its functional and nutritional Solutions: Equacia™ & Fibregum™

Colloides Naturels International (CNI) features the nutritional texturizer designed to mimic the rheological and mouthfeel properties of fat or sugar while fortifying products with dietary fiber (90% guaranteed on dry extract).

Obtained from an innovative and proprietary process, EQUACIA™ is a co-processed ingredient based on two all-natural fibers: soluble Acacia fiber and insoluble gluten-free wheat fiber. The EQUACIA™ product line is manufactured using proprietary technology developed exclusively by CNI: the results is a unique synergistic combination in term of texture as compared to a simple blending of the same two fibers. EQUACIA™ combines the numerous proven nutritional and health benefits of Acacia gum (notably a strong prebiotic effects from 6g/day and the potential ability to reduce blood glycemia) with the well-known positive effects of insoluble fibers on transit regulation.

EQUACIA™ is suitable for applications in bakery, dressings, mayonnaise-type products, gourmet sauces, ice cream and confectionery. EQUACIA™ has been designed to replace 50% of the fat content or more in these applications, with no taste modification, an improved texture and an extended shelf-life. For example, in bakery products, EQUACIA™ allows a noticeable gain in water and reduces staling. In egg-free light mayonnaise, EQUACIA™ not only addresses vegan and egg protein allergy concerns, but it also helps lower cholesterol intake while fortifying with a good balance of soluble and insoluble fibers. As a result, the nutritional profile of the food product is improved while its overall formulation cost is significantly reduced.

EQUACIA™ develops its viscosity immediately after dissolution. It withstands all food manufacturing processes and is not affected by pH or temperature extremes.

EQUACIA™ is labeled as Acacia gum (Acacia fiber) and wheat fiber and benefits from the valuable linkage to an all natural product, which is GRAS, non-GMO, allergen-free with high microbiological purity.

FIBREGUM™ & FIBREGUM™ BIO (organic) product line delivers all natural dietary fiber based on 100% Acacia gum. The soluble dietary fiber content is guaranteed at minimum 90% (dry weight, AOAC). FIBREGUM™ & FIBREGUM™ BIO are easily incorporated into formulations with no impact on viscosity, despite their high solubility. They are stable at extreme temperature over a wide pH range. FIBREGUM™ BIO is the organic version of FIBREGUM™ complying with NOP, therefore extending the list of organic ingredients in organic finished products.

CNI-Colloides Naturels International is part of Iranex group, one of the world leading ingredients supplier for nutrition, food, pharmacy and cosmetics. Iranex includes CNI, the world leader for the natural colloïds and gums (CNI owns 8 distribution subsidiaries and markets its products through a network of 75 agents in the world), Starlight Products, the specialist of vegetal raw materials sourcing, Nutriprocess, the European spraydrying expert, Afritec, company dedicated to the first step of the acacia gum process and Bio Serae Laboratories, a producer and supplier of natural nutraceutical ingredients for food, health and well being.

Fairtrade Becoming Popular as Natural Cosmetic Market Goes Mainstream

Fairtrade products are gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry as companies increasingly look at ethical sourcing and social responsibility.

New research by Organic Monitor ( finds the early adopters are natural & organic cosmetic companies. A large number are implementing faitrade sourcing policies, with some launching certified fairtrade products. Most product launches have been in the French market, which now has the largest number of cosmetic products with the internationally-recognised Fair Trade mark.

The fairtrade concept is becoming popular as it involves ethical sourcing of cosmetic ingredients. It encourages sustainability and guarantees growers in developing countries get a fair price. Although the Body Shop has been the pioneer in ethical sourcing with its Community Trade programme, the company is losing out to newcomers. A number of natural & organic cosmetic companies are setting up fairtrade grower projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some are growing endangered plant species and investing in social community projects.

In its new Strategic Insights report, Organic Monitor evaluates the business potential of Fairtrade Cosmetics & Ingredients, giving details of standards, certification and market potential. The study predicts adoption rates to rise as natural & organic cosmetic products become mainstream and as more certified fairtrade ingredients become available. A major restraint to market growth is the limited number of certified fairtrade ingredients.

The ‘mainstreaming’ of the natural & organic cosmetics market, which involves products crossing over from specialist to mainstream retail channels, is also encouraging fairtrade practices. Pioneers like Weleda are investing in fairtrade projects to guarantee supply of organic ingredients and to encourage sustainability. The entry of large cosmetic companies and leading retailers is straining supply of natural & organic cosmetic ingredients. Corporate social responsibility is also coming to the forefront as brands compete for limited shelf-space in retailers.

Preliminary research from Organic Monitor shows that the European Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics is expected to break the US $2 billion barrier for the first time this year. High market growth rates are occurring across Europe as consumers increasingly demand ‘chemically-clean’ and ecological cosmetics. Mainstreaming is leading to new product launches in supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores, drugstores and department stores.

Many new products are aimed at ecological and health-conscious consumers, positioned as ‘free-from’ and organic. Fairtrade is catching on as it enables cosmetic products to be marketed on ethical values, attracting consumers concerned about social inequality and sustainability. With a growing number of natural & organic cosmetic companies adopting fairtrade practices, Organic Monitor predicts some convergence between standards. A number of organic certification agencies are already integrating fairtrade practices into their standards. Such convergence will enable cosmetic companies to bridge the gap between green and ethical products. The market share of fairtrade cosmetics is expected to rise as this happens.

Research Publications

1. #7021-92 Strategic Insights: The Potential of Fairtrade Cosmetics & Ingredients (Sep’08)

More information on

2. #1002-60 The European Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics (Dec’08)

More information on

About Organic Monitor
Organic Monitor is a specialist business research & consulting company that specialises on the global organic & related product industries. Since its formation in 2001, Organic Monitor has been providing a range of business services to operators in high-growth ethical industries. Our business services include market research publications, business & technical consulting and seminars & workshops. Visit us at

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Ms. Tina Gill

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Why should you attend the Healthy Foods Conference at Expo East? (video)

Consumers understand the connection between healthy food and a healthy life. As a result, they are driving mainstream food companies to offer healthier foods with quality ingredients, good taste and health authenticity.

Right before Natural Products Expo East, the Healthy Foods Conference will address business and product development issues related to healthy foods on October 14th & 15th.

To learn more about why you should attend the Healthy Foods Conference, watch the video below from Len Monheit, President & Editor of

I hope to see you there.


Antares Health Products, Inc. Commences Commercial Production of Vitamin E TPGS

Antares Health Products, Inc. (AHP) announced today the commercial production commencement of vitamin E TPGS (d-alpha-tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate) for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplements and food industries. This announcement is welcome news following the decision of Eastman Chemical Company to exit the TPGS business. The available supply of TPGS on the market had dropped to critical level in recent months. With this announcement, AHP now has an inventory of TPGS to meet customers’ immediate needs.

Vitamin E TPGS is a surfactant that can be used as an emulsifier, solubilizer, bio-availability enhancer and a vehicle for a lipid-based drug formulation. With its unique properties, TPGS is widely used as an excipient in drug formulations and is rapidly expanding into the beverage and functional food markets.

“Both of our pharmaceutical and food grade TPGS products are produced in the United States and meet or exceed all applicable quality standards. Our confidence is based on the quality of our team, which combines exceptional manufacturing, technical, marketing and compliance expertise, directly applicable to this product,” said John (Jock) R. Palmer, CEO, Antares Health Products, Inc.

“I would like to assure the current customers of Eastman Chemical Company, and all others interested in TPGS, that Antares’ TPGS is a high-quality product available to meet their needs,” said Palmer.

About Antares Health Products, Inc.:

Antares Health Products, Inc. manufactures Vitamin E TPGS and EPA DHA for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and technical expertise in order to produce high-quality compliant products, which are safe and efficacious. The direct expertise and experience of the AHP team provide the basis for the leadership position of Antares as the premier producer of TPGS in the world.

For sales, samples and more information about Vitamin E TPGS, please contact our U.S. distribution partner, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, at 800.546.6113 or

Plant Power: Natural Help for High Cholesterol

Artichoke leaf extracts may lower cholesterol, according to a new study published in Phytomedicine. This study confirms prior research demonstrating that certain plant extracts have cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant, and other health-promoting properties.

High total cholesterol is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, a serious condition that can lead to heart attacks and stroke. The authors report, “On a global level, the World Health Report estimates that about 8% of all disease burden in developed countries is caused by raised cholesterol levels.” Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss can help lower cholesterol.

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough, cholesterol-lowering medication may be necessary, especially when there is a need to lower a person’s cholesterol quickly and aggressively (for example, if a person also has severe diabetes, another risk factor for cardiovascular disease).

In this study, 131 adults with mildly to moderately high total cholesterol were randomly assigned to receive 1,280 mg of artichoke leaf extract (Cynara scolymus) or placebo capsules for 12 weeks, while continuing their usual medications, supplements, and diet.

Total cholesterol decreased in the artichoke extract group by more than 4% and increased in the placebo group by nearly 2%. There was no difference between the two groups in their blood levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, or triglycerides. The authors concluded that artichoke leaf extract has a modest but favorable impact on lowering total cholesterol.

Healthy habits lower cardiovascular disease risk

Here are some tips to help lower your risk for developing cardiovascular disease:

• Keep cholesterol levels healthy—If you don’t know your cholesterol level, see a doctor.

• Follow a healthy diet—People who stick with a low-fat diet that is also low in refined sugar and starches and rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared with people who eat less of these foods and more fat and sugar.

• Exercise regularly—Experts recommend moderate physical activity most days of the week along with three days of more vigorous activity and strength training two to three times a week.

• Lower your stress—People who are highly stressed are more likely to have a heart attack compared with people who have learned to take the trials and tribulations of life in stride. If you are chronically stressed, learn techniques to help you relax.

(Phytomedicine 2008;15:668–75)

Jane Hart, MD

Leading Cardiologist Joins Ontario Research Firm to Conduct New Clinical Trial on the Effect of Pantethine on Cholesterol Levels

Daiichi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan today announced that it has selected world-renowned Cardiologist Dr. John A. Rumberger and the Contract Research Division of KGK Synergize Inc. to launch a new clinical trial to investigate the effect of pantethine as a dietary supplement for lipid management and the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors in the North American population.

The randomized, double-blind placebo controlled study will be conducted in two North American locations by Ontario-based KGK under the direction of Dr. Dale Wilson, KGK medical director and principal investigator for the study.

An internationally recognized specialist in preventive cardiology, Rumberger currently is director of cardiac imaging at the Princeton (N.J.) Longevity Center, clinical professor of medicine at Ohio State University and former professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic. He also is author of ‘The Way Diet’ which provides information about optimal diet, supplementation, exercise and stress management in preventing heart disease. He will offer consultation on protocol design and comment on the findings of the clinical trial.

The study design process started last month, study subjects at low to moderate risk levels of cardiovascular disease will be treated over a 16-week period, and results are expected by the third quarter of 2009.

Daiichi Fine Chemical, sponsor of the study, is the world’s leading supplier of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and its derivatives, including pantethine, marketed under the brand name Pantesin®. Sold in Japan for more than 35 years, Pantesin has been available as a dietary supplement in the United States since 1992. Although Pantesin’s effectiveness in safely lowering cholesterol levels has been documented in more than 30 clinical studies, the new study will be the most expansive ever conducted using North American subjects.

“Maintaining an optimal balance among LDL, HDL, and triglycerides is more important than simply lowering cholesterol and key to cardiovascular health,” Rumberger said. “A low-fat and modified carbohydrate diet, exercise and regular consumption of dietary supplements formulated with scientifically proven, high quality ingredients can help individuals achieve a healthy blood lipid profile.

“A large body of research points to Pantethine’s effectiveness in Asian and Western European populations, where oral administration of Pantethine has consistently shown an ability to favorably impact a variety of risk factors in people with hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis and diabetes. The aim of the current trial is to confirm these results in a clinical setting in North America where cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death.”

Founded in 1997 by three scientists associated with the Centre for Human Nutrition at The University of Western Ontario, KGK maintains a global reputation for uncompromising science focused on nutraceutical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical product research.

“Our team of research experts is devoted to discovering the unique properties inherent in natural products that enhance and promote a healthy lifestyle,” said KGK President and Chief Executive Officer Najla Guthrie. “Our in-house lab and clinic along with our location at a leading scientific and medical research center ensure timely and conclusive research results overseen by leading physicians in the area of study.”

Daiichi Fine Chemical is a global leader in researching the use of pantethine. By commissioning this new clinical trial, Daiichi signals its continued support of research that takes into account lifestyle changes and breakthrough discoveries that may impact the role Pantethine can play in enhancing cardiovascular health.

About Daiichi Fine Chemical

Daiichi Fine Chemical Co.Ltd., is the world’s largest supplier of the cholesterol-management agent pantethine, a derivative of vitamin B5, which it markets under the brand name Pantesin®. Daiichi Fine Chemical has a reputation of strict pharmaceutical GMP standards at the firm’s vertically integrated operation in Japan which are applied to Pantesin®. Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan acquired all shares of Daiichi Fine Chemical from Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd. in 2007. As a wholly owned subsidiary in Kyowa’s bio-chemical business, Daiichi Fine Chemical continues to supply vitamin B5 of highest quality standards. For more information visit

About KGK Synergize, Inc.

Created in 1997 by three experienced nutritional scientists from University of Western Ontario to facilitate commercialization of research and development findings, KGK Synergize, Inc. provides contract research services to health nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to providing contract research services, KGK’s Product Development Division brings new and innovative natural health products to the point where they are ready to be manufactured and marketed. For more information visit

About Dr. John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC

John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, is among the world’s leading authorities on cardiac and vascular imaging using EBT and CT Scanning and specializes in preventive cardiology and cardiac and cardiovascular imaging. He currently is director of cardiac imaging at the Princeton Longevity Center (PLC), Princeton, N.J., and clinical professor of medicine at Ohio State University. He is a former professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, Minn., and a diplomat of both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Cardiovascular Diseases. During his more than 20-year career as a clinician, educator and researcher, Dr. Rumberger has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles, 200 abstracts, 40 book chapters and two books dealing with a variety of applications for cardiac CT. He is a worldwide recognized authority on electron beam and multi-detector (MDCT) for applications to cardiovascular disease and in development of practice guidelines for interpretation in patients. He has lectured worldwide on EBT, early heart disease diagnosis, and wellness. He is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and a member of the American Heart Association, the American Federation for Clinical Research, and a Founding Member and Incorporator of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. Dr. Rumberger is a past- Chairman of the AHA Committee on Cardiovascular Imaging and Intervention, Council of Cardiovascular Radiology and is the only clinical cardiologist to hold this position. He continues his interest in early diagnosis of preventable diseases and continues research and publication as well as conducting numerous physician educational seminars in the use of Cardiac CT. He received his doctorate in engineering and applied mathematics from The Ohio State University in 1976 and graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1978.

Vitamin D—A New Pain Killer?

Women who get the right amount of vitamin D are less likely to suffer from chronic widespread pain, according to a new study in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.

Vitamin D is a hormone that is intimately involved with bone and immune system health. In addition to promoting normal bone development, there is evidence that getting enough vitamin D helps protect against multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and certain cancers. Studies have found that many people suffering from chronic pain have low vitamin D levels and that supplementing may help relieve certain types of pain.

The sunshine vitamin’s role in pain prevention

About 10% of the population suffers from chronic widespread pain, which is pain that occurs on both sides of the body, above and below the waist, and lasts for longer than three months. This is the type of pain that characterizes fibromyalgia syndrome, but it can also occur without fibromyalgia.

The new study aimed to determine the range of vitamin D levels at which people were more likely to experience chronic pain. Almost 7,000 people gave information about bodily pain and had their vitamin D levels measured.

The researchers found that vitamin D status was associated with chronic widespread pain in women but not in men. Chronic pain was least likely to occur in women with the highest vitamin D levels. Women with lower levels were more than 1.5 times as likely to have chronic pain as were women with the highest levels.

“Follow-up studies are needed to evaluate whether higher vitamin D intake might have beneficial effects on chronic widespread pain risk,” the authors concluded.

Get your daily D

Because of its potential role in predicting chronic widespread pain, and its central function in bone and immune health, it is important to ensure adequate vitamin D intake.

People living in northern latitudes should aim to get some sun exposure all year round. During the hotter months, expose the hands, arms, and face to the sun for 15 minutes, three times per week. During the cooler months, allow any exposed parts full access to the sun—without any sun block.

Good food sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, fortified foods, and oily fish such as salmon and herring. Some brands of cod liver oil provide 400 IU of vitamin D per teaspoon. For most people, 1,000 IU of vitamin D per day is a safe amount. Check with your doctor to see how much vitamin D is right for you.

(Ann Rheum Dis 2008;doi:10.1136/ard.2008.090456)

Kimberly Beauchamp, ND

Natural Foods Merchandiser

OTA appoints Christine Bushway as new executive director

By David Accomazzo

Copyright: malinaphotography.comThe Organic Trade Association has named former Washington lobbyist Christine Bushway as the organization's new executive director.

She began her tenure on Monday.

Bushway formerly served as a lobbyist for the egg industry before Congress, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; as a spokeswoman on television, radio, and print in addition to creating a public relations, marketing, and advertising firm serving the food and agriculture industries. Her clients included the American Egg Board, the PA Beef Council, Radlo Foods, and the New England Brown Egg Council, among others, according to a bio released on the OTA's Web site.

In 1984, Bushway founded the Egg Nutrition Center in Washington, D.C., which funds research and provides guidance on egg nutritional information to industry, consumers, and health agencies.

"I think she is a solid leader and she has a good background in marketing, which will be valuable to help promote our industry and move it forward, and I think she has a good history of being a consensus builder and being a leader," said Matt McLean, vice president of the OTA's board of directors. "She's a good hire. Very professional, and she comes off as having a good personality, very warm, very easy to talk to. I'm excited about what she can do for our industry."

Bushway replaces interim executive director David Gagnon, whom the board appointed after Caren Wilcox's two-year run ended in June. Bushway is the third executive director in the organization's 23-year history.

Bushway joins the OTA after serving as the director of state programs for the American Egg Board where she "[enhanced] national advertising and promotion of the Incredible Edible Egg consumer awareness campaign" across the nation, the OTA bio said.

Bushway said she was happy to return to her New England roots and looked forward to being closer to her extended family and friends. She currently lives in Alexandria, Va. with her 9-year-old daughter, her 10-year-old Shetland sheepdog and her daughter's hamster, the bio said.

The OTA is the largest trade association in the organic industry and has helped shape the industry's legal guidelines and consumer expectations into what they are today, including playing a key role in the passage of the U.S. organic standards in 2002.

The group's membership includes small business owners and large corporations such as Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, and U.S. Mills. The association's Web site says, "OTA's mission is to promote and protect organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy. OTA envisions organic products becoming a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people's lives and the environment."

Charkit Agreement With CRM International Further Expands Personal Care Ingredient Offerings

Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation, announced that the company has entered into a distribution agreement with CRM International, a French producer of premium personal care and cosmetic ingredients including a line of certified organic products.

The association enhances Charkit’s ability to offer CRM’s quality natural and vegetable butters, silk olea oils, waxes and emulsifiers and many other natural ingredients for cosmetic, skin and hair care products as well as smoothening and moisturizing components for some therapeutic pharmaceutical applications.

Mr. Hinnant said, “We are enthusiastic about our new association with CRM. This prestigious company, located in the south of France, has built a steady reputation over the last fifteen years as a manufacturer of natural ingredients for a wide range of products.” Charkit’s President went on to explain that CRM is focused on natural ingredients that are essential for healthy and attractive skin. He reported that CRM has made considerable inroads into organic ingredients for personal care and cosmetic products, pointing out that “CRM is recognized by Ecocert, the organic certification organization which was founded in France in 1991.”

CRM is well known for its line of Plantec products that include a variety of moisturizing ingredients, many of which have been approved by Ecocert as bonafide organics and are manufactured by CRM through proprietary processing techniques.

It was explained that the performance attributes of CRM ingredients are numerous, making their applications virtually unlimited in the range of personal care categories. The quick penetration of Plantec vegetable butters was cited, including their exceptional moisturizing properties, making these butters ideal for lipsticks, day and night cream and cosmeceutical make-up products. Some ingredients, such as Plantec Blackcurrant Butter, provide heavy, rich texture as well as the sought-after anti-aging effect especially suited to night creams and products for very dry skin. Plantec Silk Olea Wax serves as an important component in sun care formulations that include both SPF emulsion systems and after sun products. Mr. Hinnant was quick to add that these are but a few of the many beneficial ingredients that CRM has developed.

“The range and diversity of CRM products offer a vast array of formulation opportunities,” stated Mr. Hinnant. He said that Charkit’s technical and sales team is knowledgeable about the extensive roster of CRM ingredients now available from Charkit. “We encourage inquiries about CRM’s distinctive ingredients and can provide personal care and cosmetic manufacturers with the assistance needed in the formulation and reformulation of products.”

For more information, please contact Shawn McManus in Sales and Marketing at 203-299-3227 or

Editor’s note: to download a digital copy of this release, please go to:

Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the imaging, personal care, food, flavor and fragrance, water treatment, metal treatment and pharmaceutical industries as well as to producers of fine and specialty chemicals. In 2007, Charkit celebrated its 25th year of continued growth and today, in addition to high demand products, the Company and its affiliated manufacturing entities, Arran Chemical Company, Optima Chemical Group and Diversitec Corporation offer a wide range of custom sourcing, manufacturing, technical assistance and product development services.

Veradent: The Aloe-Based Solution for Oral Care

Known for its luxe brands of personal and beauty care, Clotho Corp. has introduced Veradent, a line of all botanical-based tooth and oral care products featuring the cleansing properties of Aloe vera.

Veradent is manufactured by Specchiasol, based in Italy, and Clotho Corp. has the exclusive North American marketing rights to its brands Homocrin and now Veradent.

The Veradent line is all-encompassing with selections for specific consumer concerns.
• Veradent Total Protection Toothpaste helps fight against bacterial damage.
• Veradent Sensitive Toothpaste is geared for the millions of individuals who have painful gum sensitivity upon contact with hot or cold foods and beverages.
• Veradent Whitening Toothpaste promotes shade lightening of teeth.
• Veradent Fresh Mint Mouthwash is alcohol- and saccharin-free and formulated with fruit and natural ingredients to freshen the mouth and fight bacteria.

According to Packaged Facts, the oral care market is worth $7.5 billion at retail, and headed for $8.9 billion by 2012, according to a recent report from Packaged Facts. “At Clotho Corp. out mission is to help innovate the energetic naturals industry with new products and next-generation technology to keep the segment growing,” says Vlad Shenker, President of the company. “Our manufacturers are also relying more heavily on packaging to help differentiate their products and communicate their benefits. These are all the right tools to bring our Veradent brand into widespread and reliable use among consumers here in the U.S.”

The Veradent line contains 100 percent pure Aloe Vera juice that replaces water in conventional toothpaste formulations. The products are also free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Ingredients in the Veradent line include:
• 100% PURE ALOE VERA for its soothing action
• Co-Q10 helps keep gum healthy
• Tea Tree Oil a natural antiseptic
• Silicon for its natural whitening action
• Horse Chestnut for healthy gums
• Mint and Menthol for fresh breath
• Sage for purifying and refreshing
• Rosemary for oral cavity hygiene

Shenker added that the line will be supported by trade and consumer advertising, and a support brochures and beautiful countertop displays. MSRP range between $7.50 and $8.00.