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Mom's renewable energy source

According to Organic Connections magazine, the new book Mom Energy outlines how Mom can sustain her energy... without the crash.

It is no revelation that being a mom takes super-hero amounts of energy. Between organizing their child’s schedules, pursuing a career or interest, ensuring that the family eats right, and not to mention trying to fit in a trip to the gym, a mom can be spread pretty thin.

The new book, aptly titled Mom Energy is set to hit bookstores September 1st just in time for the onslaught of the holiday season, when having optimal vivacity is essential. The authors, Ashley Koff, RD and fitness guru Kathy Kaehler aim to teach moms in a very rudimentary way, how their bodies physically work and metabolized calories. “People should understand that the body is actually a series of very simple energy equations,” said Koff in an interview with Organic Connections magazine.

In Mom Energy, readers can learn how to have sustained, tangible energy that adequately fuels for the long term, rather than for a short burst. In fact, Koff stresses that the ‘Band-Aid’ approach to energy production is a downfall for many moms. “I teach people from the get-go to not look at caffeine or sugared energy as the desirable energy but to really look at quality energy, sustained energy. We’re always going to have highs and lows, but the more we can make it in the middle ground, the better it will be for our bodies and for our beings.” Indeed, coffee and sweets are not true remedies to fight fatigue because they are almost always followed by crashes.

Diet is a crucial element to maintaining energy throughout the day.  Despite the many packaged products available in stores touting “increased energy,” natural and unprocessed foods are a much better choice. Koff explains, “I want you to choose the best quality foods so that you’re making things easiest on your body.” Suggestions for supplements like B complex, vitamin D and magnesium are also included in Mom Energy to safeguard against nutritional deficiencies, another cause of exhaustion.

To learn more about the book Mom Energy, read on in Organic Connections.

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