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Spark Change Lunch and Learn with Food Co-ops
Oct 29, 2020

From the earliest days of the natural products industry, food co-ops have been pioneers in sparking change by providing alternatives to both dominant food system paradigms AND the “winner-take-all” economics of capitalism that have kept so many in the value chain from benefiting from the growth in consumer interest in health and wellness.  

As our movement has grown and evolved so have the food co-ops, responding to the needs of the communities they serve for healthy delicious food and ethically produced goods, always with the goal of providing access to all! Join two bright leaders in the food co-op movement, Heidi Traore, business development manager for National Co+op Grocers (NCG), and Melissa Cohen, general manager for the Isla Vista Food Co-op to learn how food co-ops are contributing stronger, more vibrant local communities throughout the United States.

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