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6 things you can get away with at Spark Change that you can’t at Natural Products Expos

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Getty Images spark change in pajamas at home
Networking in PJs? Why not!

The persistence of COVID-19 is making in-person events impossible for at least the rest of the year, which is a blow to those of us who love attending Natural Products Expo for the in-person connections, the parties, and the samples—oh, the samples!

While you won’t be shaking hands anytime soon, here’s how your experience at Spark Change, New Hope Network’s new online initiative to continue advancing the natural products industry, differs from Expo. (Pants are optional.)

1. Wear whatever you want.

We’ll be the first ones to say the dress code at Natural Products Expo is a loose one—as in, there isn’t a dress code. From Birkenstocks and socks to tie-dye shirts to that skirt you wore to your first, second and third Phish concert, Expo has always lauded wearing whatever makes you feel your most authentic self. At Spark Change, go wild with your attire. Wear PJs. Wear business casual. Wear that ugly bridesmaids dress hanging in your closet (your friend was right—you did wear it again!) 

2. Take breaks to play with your pet.

Do you love your dog, cat or red-tailed boa constrictor named Fluffy so much that it hurts to leave them for a week-long conference?

When attending Spark Change sessions, there is no need to leave your beloved furry (or, um, slithery) family members behind. Fill your mind with big thinks such as top trends and important industry insights to help you do business better while your animal best friend is closeby.

3. Show off your craziest dance moves.

Dance like no one’s watching (because, literally, no one is watching) during Spark Change’s live performance from the Black Pumas. Never heard of them? You can thank us later for introducing you to your new favorite band.

4. Get your kids in on the action.

Think of it as an extracurricular activity for your kids, who are likely just as over homeschooling as you are. Invite your tween or teen to sit in on sessions such as “Put on Your Boots: We Have Work to Do” with influencer and intersectional environmentalist Pattie Gonia, and “The Industry’s Most Innovative Leaders Tell All Roundtable and Community Forum,” which features industry leaders such as Miyoko Schinner, CEO and founder of Miyoko’s, Claude Tellis, CEO and owner of Naturade, Kareem Cook, CMO and owner of Naturade, and David Bronner, “Cosmic Engagement Officer” of Dr. Bronner’s.

5. Embrace uncomfortable footwear.

You can wear those pretty heels and not worry about being able to walk the next day. After all, you're not clocking mile upon mile on that fitness tracker!

6. Keep sample-fueled stomachaches at bay.

We all love samples. But who among us has not eaten one too many nutrition bar pieces, a condition affectionately known as “Expo Belly”? Drink your green juice without temptation while you peruse new innovations on Spark Change’s Product Discovery Zone.

Natural Products Expo Spark Change logoNatural Products Expo is now online at Spark Change. Get all the details and register today.

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