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Spark Change brands communicate transparency to consumers

Spark Change Transparency Trend
These natural products brands in the Spark Change Product Discovery Zone reflect the trends identified by the New Hope Network content and NEXT Data and Insights teams for 2020 and beyond.

The Product Discovery Zone at Spark Change provides a great firsthand look at many of the brands exemplifying the trends and macro forces that will shape the natural products industry for years to come.

This Spark Change-inspired series shines the spotlight on some of these brands by highlighting a different trend each week.

Trend of the week: Transparency

Brands exemplifying the Transparency trend are learning to be honest and upfront about their ingredients, processing and sourcing methods, even showing vulnerability in areas where they strive to be better.

Transparency Spark Change Trend product manifestations

1. Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate is dedicated to full transparency along its entire supply chain. It trades directly with suppliers to determine fair and transparent prices—a process that includes visits to all of its cocoa sources every year to understand their current challenges and general circumstances. The company also works closely with cocoa farmers to bring them into the chocolate pricing process; it pays them a premium for high-quality beans and provides stable prices that give the farmers security. Consumers can visit these farms virtually and learn about where all of the ingredients used in Theo Chocolate's products are sourced and in addition to the people behind the products.. Find Theo Chocolate in the Product Discovery Zone.

2. Nellie's Free Range

Nellie's Free Range was a pioneer when it came to transparency in the egg category in the early 2000s. But consumer confusion is still a significant roadblock in that same aisle today; there are many certifications on egg cartons that can mean vastly different things and end up confusing well-meaning shoppers. The discrepancies between "free range" and "cage free," for example, are enormous (the latter isn't even regulated by USDA or FDA standards!). Nellie's Free Range, which also recently added Free Range Butter to its egg-centric product line, is committed to Certified Humane's Free Range standard and is just as eager show off the impressive facilities where it houses its chickens and livestock. Find Nellie's Free Range in the Product Discovery Zone.

3. Humanist Beauty

Humanist Beauty is especially transparent when it comes to the star ingredient in its product line: CBD. Shoppers need only navigate to the brand's website to see passing test results from independent labs for all of its latest batches that can also be viewed from the source thanks to a handy QR code. These comprehensive tests ensure that the raw cannabinoid materials implemented contain 0.3% or less of THC and are totally free of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and residual solvents. Find Humanist Beauty in the Product Discovery Zone.

See the latest in natural products and connect with exhibitors in the Spark Change Product Discovery Zone. Learn more about Spark Change.

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