Activ'Inside launches anti-aging skin, hair ingredients

Activ'Inside launches anti-aging skin, hair ingredients

Check out these new botanicals for maintaining youthful skin and healthy hair.

Activ’Inside is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative botanical active ingredients and concepts for nutrition and well-being markets. We integrate at the early stage of developments, the consumers request like safety food raw material, traditional uses, green and natural process, high quality product. Our objectives are to give you scientific tools for communication to final consumers.

HIE Frankfurt will be the opportunity for you to discover our two new products SkinAx² and Hair+.

SkinAx²®, a new formulation against skin aging – Our proprietary blend SkinAx²® is a synergic association of SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) and high concentration of flavanols from French Grape seeds. This unique association provides a highly effective solution combining both primary and secondary antioxidants. Primary antioxidants, like SOD, are able to control the first step of the oxidative cascade, by neutralizing the most reactive oxygen species, O2•-, precursor of the multiple oxidation reactions in cells. Flavanols, as secondary antioxidants, bring a second protection for heavy attacks like UV, pollution, etc.

Hair+, a new hair vitalizer – Activ’Inside developed an efficient combination supported by the EFSA validated claim “contributes to the maintenance of normal hair”. Our proprietary formula Hair+ is a synergic association of 8-prenylnaringenin extracted from hop (8-PN), flavanol monomers extracted from grapes, cystine (Cys) and selenium (Se). Thanks to complementary ways of action of the different active ingredients, this unique and original concept is able to prevent alopecia by inhibiting the balding process and fortifying hair.


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