Expert food scientist joins Bioenergy Life Science

Expert food scientist joins Bioenergy Life Science

Donna O’Connor will help boost the company’s ribose product development.

Leading global ribose company Bioenergy Life Science Inc. recently announced the hiring of expert food scientist Donna O’Connor as the company’s new product development manager for Bioenergy Ribose®. As an experienced food scientist specializing in food, beverage and nutrition, O’Connor manages the company’s Ribose Formulation Center that helps current and future customers identify new opportunities using the pure, patented and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Bioenergy Ribose.

“Donna’s industry knowledge, combined with her unstoppable motivation for success is invaluable for our company’s future growth,” says Tom VonderBrink, president of Bioenergy Life Science. “We are happy to have her passion and expertise on our team.”

O’Connor’s work at the Ribose Formulation Center involves helping a wide spectrum of customers identify uses for Bioenergy Ribose in formulations of functional foods, beverages, sports nutrition, dietary supplements and other nutritional products. She and the company’s technical team address questions regarding product development and food applications using ribose in various formulations and food systems. They also assist customers with formula optimization, experimentation and process improvement by offering solutions to specific technical needs.

Before taking on the role as the product development manager for Bioenergy Ribose, O’Connor was a consultant and senior scientist for a variety of food companies including Novartis Nutrition, ConAgra Foods and Michael Foods. Her expertise includes beverages, fortification, flavor application, functional and nutritional food products. She has a master’s degree in food science from the University of Minnesota along with several years of experience in R&D. O’Connor’s career also has been honored with four registered patents along with published articles in her field.

The Bioenergy Ribose team is set to attend Supply Side West 2012 at the Bioenergy Life Science booth (#30043) on Nov. 7 and 8 at The Venetian Sands & Expo, Las Vegas. The staff will be available to discuss ribose and address any questions. Many new potential ribose-containing food products will be featured.

About Bioenergy Ribose®
Bioenergy Ribose is the only patented brand of Ribose—a unique five carbon sugar that facilitates the natural process of energy production. Bioenergy Ribose stimulates the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the essential energy compound found in every cell in the body, improving energy levels, fighting fatigue and boosting cardiovascular functioning. While the body naturally produces ribose, physical stress can deplete the body’s natural stores, and the body’s process for replenishing ribose is very slow in muscle and cardiac tissue. Using a supplement that contains Bioenergy Ribose can help prevent the aches and soreness associated with depleted energy stores, allowing athletes and active individuals to train harder and longer.

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