Formulate healthier protein products with PenGel 8

Formulate healthier protein products with PenGel 8

Penford’s fat mimetic starch gel for protein applications targets the health and wellness segment.

Penford Food Ingredients, a leader in innovative carbohydrate systems and technologies, offers a broad portfolio of starches and systems for the health and wellness segment including PenGel® 8 designed for protein applications. PenGel 8 mimics fat to maintain great taste, improve yield, enhance juiciness and tenderness and improve the nutritional profile of food products.

The starch gel is designed to be used in ground sausage and patties, emulsified and meat analogues as well as chopped and formed meat like chicken nuggets. In meat products, PenGel 8 can reduce fat by 25 percent or more.

“With the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol, the demand for more nutritional products—including protein and meat substitutes—is emergent and will continue to grow,” said John Randall, president of Penford Food Ingredients. “PenGel 8 is used to formulate leaner, healthier protein products to meet the demands for better-for-you protein options.”

Functional benefits

· Fat mimetic

· Mouth-feel

· Enhances juicy texture

· Improves good yields

· Bland flavor

· Non-GMO

· Non-allergenic

· Kosher

Health benefits

· Caloric reduction

· Reduces total fat

· Reduces saturated fat

· Reduces cholesterol

“As a company, we are committed to innovating products that are not only nutritional, but also taste great. Consumers deserve healthy, flavorful food options whether they are in the supermarket, a restaurant or cafeteria. PenGel is just one of many solutions we offer for the health and wellness food segment. For example, our portfolio extends to include PenFibe RS potato-based resistant starch for fiber enrichment, PenTech GF for gluten-free systems and specialty rice starches for fat reduction in dairy products,” concluded Randall.


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