Glanbia launches 5-log kill process for flax

Glanbia launches 5-log kill process for flax

MicroSure Plus heat treatment gives manufacturers full confidence in food ingredient safety and doesn't compromise product quality or nutritional value.

Glanbia Nutritionals has introduced its most thorough flaxseed heat treatment process to date. Independently validated by a third party, Glanbia Nutritionals’ MicroSure™ Plus intensive heat treatment is now an enhanced 5-log kill* process designed to provide safe flaxseed with a stable shelf life of two years.

With safety top of mind for all food and beverage manufacturers, MicroSure Plus’ proven ability to ensure a 5-log kill process, gives manufacturers full confidence in food ingredient safety. Moreover, as the heat treatment does not compromise product quality or nutritional value, manufacturers can also be certain that they will receive the highest quality flaxseed ingredients, with superior flavor, color, health profile, and stability.

Reliable and effective, Glanbia Nutritionals’ new flaxseed heat treatment method was specifically developed for the company’s popular ChoiceGrad™ MP and SelectGrad™ MP flaxseed ingredients. High in ALA omega-3, dietary fiber, lignans and protein, ChoiceGrad whole grain flaxseed is ideal for use as a topping or a crunchy texture for bakery products, cereals, and nutrition bars. SelectGrad milled flaxseed is a gently milled flax ingredient offering a soft texture and mild, slightly nutty flavor for ALA omega-3 fortification of a variety of food applications.

Marilyn Stieve, business development manager-flax, Glanbia Nutritionals, commented: “Safety is paramount in the food industry. Our MicroSure Plus 5 log kill process provides customers with the combined benefits and assurance of outstanding microbial safety, optimal shelf life and rich nutritional and flavor qualities.”

*The effectiveness of a pathogen destruction method is typically expressed in terms of log kill. A 5 log kill typically equates to a 99.999 per cent destruction.


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