Mud Energy Gel with Sustamine boosts athletes

Mud Energy Gel with Sustamine boosts athletes

Innovative new formulation of the energy gel introduces superior high-quality ingredients with all-natural preservatives.

The next generation of energy, Mud Energy took a revolutionary approach by creating an exceptional alternative to most “empty” energy products. The innovative new formulation of the product introduces superior high-quality ingredients with all-natural preservatives—the formula does not contain sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate. Mud Energy Gel now also includes the all-natural electrolyte ionic sea mineral concentrate. Sustamine continues to be a critical part of the formula as an ingredient that rehydrates the body and allows athletes to maintain energy levels during exertion.

“Our goal was to create a full spectrum fortified energy gel that sustains peak performance, health and recovery in a convenient packet. We did just that” said Jeff Bonisa, founder and CEO for Dirt+H2O Inc. “We are thrilled to see our ingredient, Sustamine, continue to play a part in the innovative vision for Mud Energy Gel,” said Karen Todd, director of marketing for Kyowa Hakko USA. “Mud Energy is perfect for any athlete looking to increase his or her endurance. Sustamine, along with other active ingredients, really gives the extra boost in energy needed for high performance.”

With the most recent recipe for Mud Energy, available in Chocolate Truffle Rage High Intensity and Dive-n-Sea, the protein blend continues to expand its distribution. New distributors include, as well as corporate GNC stores in California, the online cycling store, as well as an all-natural grocery store, Hanson’s market, and Dive shops Hanapa’a Fishing Company and James and Joseph. The performance-boosting Mud Energy blend seeks to partner with cycling, tri-sport, surf and dive shops as well as grocery stores.

The Mud Energy team itself is also experiencing exhilarating development, with the addition of Blake Leeper, the American Blade Runner, a surf team including Eros Exarhou, Ethan Carlston, Trevor and Cole Mezak, a father and son surfing team also sponsored by Hurley, Philip Levi- a competitive triathlete, and a freedive team which includes Justin Baker and Leo-The Fishing Dutchman.

Mud Energy continues to look for elite athletes to join the team in the coming months.


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