NestFresh egg ingredients GMO free

NestFresh egg ingredients GMO free

Company is currently the only provider of non-GMO frozen, liquid and dried egg products nationwide. 

NestFresh (a division of Hidden Villa Ranch) is the first egg brand to offer Non-GMO Project Verified frozen, liquid and dried egg ingredients to retailers and manufacturers. The company is currently the only provider of non-GMO frozen, liquid and dried egg products nationwide. 

Whole Foods Market uses NestFresh non-GMO egg ingredients to produce several products used throughout its stores.

"Whole Foods Market has really been the driver in working with us to make these non-GMO egg products more widely available," said Michael Sencer, executive vice president of Hidden Villa Ranch. "It's a reflection of their commitment to becoming the first national grocery chain with total GMO transparency."

In an effort to be 100 percent non-GMO compliant, gourmet bakery and specialty condiment companies purchase non-GMO egg ingredients from NestFresh for all-natural cookies, cakes, brownies or prepared sauces. Bulk packaging for foodservice and manufacturing customers includes bag-in-box, pails, totes, tankers and cartons of various sizes. Custom blends using additional non-GMO products are available including sugared, salted and other functional ingredients.

"We are seeing this as a new trend in non-GMO transparency and demand," said Sencer. "We anticipate more companies to follow suit as the mass public continues to insist that GMOs have to go."

The Non-GMO Project is an independent, third-party certification program that assures a product has been produced according to consensus-based best practices for genetically modified organism avoidance (

To achieve non-GMO egg status, NestFresh chickens are fed non-GMO feed consisting of corn and soybeans, which are most at risk for GMOs. The non-GMO corn and soybean feed is costly due to the limited amounts available. There is a routine testing schedule for the non-GMO feed, which is approved by the Non-GMO Project. Being on the non-GMO diet allows the chickens to produce non-GMO eggs. 

According to new data from SPINS, sales of natural products with third-party certifications surged in 2012 with non-GMO Project Verified products leading the charge at more than 18 percent.

NestFresh frozen, liquid and dried non-GMO Project Verified egg products are available nationwide (pricing is based on bulk volume). For information call, 909-595-4445 or visit

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