NeuroScience launches adrenal health solution

NeuroScience, Inc., a national leader in personalized health care solutions, has enhanced its adrenal product suite by introducing AdreCor with SAMe.

AdreCor with SAMe provides advanced support for fatigue, low mood, lack of initiative and loss of focus associated with adrenal neurotransmitter, adrenal hormone and/or general neurotransmitter depletion.

Since its inception, NeuroScience’s original AdreCor formulation has attracted a loyal following due to its clinical efficiency and reliable results. AdreCor with SAMEe offers many of the same quality ingredients as AdreCor, including Niacin, Folate, Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamins B6, B12 and C. The difference is that AdreCor with SAMe replaces L-methionine with SAMe to provide greater methylation support and enhanced synthesis of other monoamine neurotransmitters. It also serves as an important cofactor in the synthesis of epinephrine.

In comparison to other SAMe products currently available, AdreCor with SAMe is more competitively priced and provides more comprehensive clinical support, according to NeuroScience’s clinical director, Bradley Bush, ND. “Since SAMe must be fortified with salt in order to maintain shelf stability, many less-reputable companies overstate their SAMe content by including the salt,” he said. “NeuroScience’s SAMe content is not only higher than other options on the market, it is also priced at a better value.”

In double blind, randomized clinical studies, SAMe has been shown to reduce low mood symptoms and support cognitive function. Studies also suggest that patients who do not adequately respond to attempts to modulate serotonin function may benefit greatly from methylation support with SAMe.

“AdreCor with SAMe is a powerful tool for practitioners seeking effective treatment for patients showing depleted levels of epinephrine and one or more monoamine neurotransmitters,” said Dr. Bush. “Regaining appropriate neurotransmitter synthesis by supporting methylation pathways can lead to increased health and the reduction or prevention of symptoms.”

AdreCor with SAMe enhances NeuroScience’s existing line of proprietary adrenal products, which includes AdreCor, AdreCor with Licorice Root, Calm PRT and Calm CP. NeuroScience’s products are available exclusively through licensed health care practitioners.


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