New OptiFlow features DSM's Fruitflow, resVida

New OptiFlow features DSM's Fruitflow, resVida

Bricker Labs' OptiFlow is the first commercial product available in the U.S. to include Fruitflow powder.

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials announced that its cardiovascular health ingredients, Fruitflow® and resVida®, are featured in the new OptiFlow® capsules from Bricker Labs. OptiFlow is the first commercial product available in the United States to include Fruitflow powder, a new natural ingredient that has been scientifically shown to help support healthy blood flow.

OptiFlow's proprietary technology offers a unique ingredient to support overall cardiovascular health by supporting healthy platelet function and blood flow. The vegetarian capsules will include 150 mg of tomato-derived Fruitflow to support healthy blood circulation and 30 mg of resVida resveratrol to help increase blood flow. Bricker Labs OptiFlow is now available at The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide and on both and

"We are thrilled to be the first company worldwide to launch Fruitflow in powder form within our OptiFlow product. In the segment of healthy blood circulation, we feel that Fruitflow offers a unique value to our customers with the ingredient's extensive human studies and strong safety profile," said Chuck Heying, president and owner of Bricker Labs.

"We believe that DSM's water soluble tomato concentrate Fruitflow has a very bright future in the United States and globally," said Joe Laplaca, vice president of marketing for DSM Nutritional Products. "The fact that Fruitflow was the first ever ingredient to get an article 13.5 EFSA health claim in Europe stating, 'helps maintain normal platelet aggregation which contributes to healthy blood flow,' is evidence of the amount of research that has gone into developing Fruitflow."

OptiFlow's proprietary technology offers the unique ingredient Fruitflow. A tomato-based concentrate made from select Mediterranean tomatoes, Fruitflow is a natural, healthy and safe ingredient that has been proven through clinical research to help maintain healthy blood flow by supporting normal blood platelet function. The benefit of Fruitflow has been consistently demonstrated in eight clinical trials. The effect takes place within 1.5 hours and when taken as a single dose, the effect lasts for 12 hours. When taken regularly on a once per day basis, the effect lasts longer.


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