NP Nutra releases organic burdock root powder

NP Nutra releases organic burdock root powder

Burdock root contains 45 percent inulin, as well as alkaloids, essential oil, glycosides, mucilage, polyacetylenes, resin and tannins.

NP Nutra has developed a new Organic Burdock Root ingredient as well as a potent Burdock Root 10:1 extract, which comes as a fine, brown powder, perfect for use in capsules, tablets and powdered supplements aimed at the healthy bone and joint and healthy blood glucose level market.

Studies have shown that burdock root (Arctium lappa) contains as much as 45 percent inulin, as well as alkaloids, essential oil, glycosides, mucilage, polyacetylenes, resin, tannins and volatile oil. Various flavonoids and phenolic acids, including arctiin, luteolin and quercetin rhamnoside, can all be found in burdock root.

Burdock root has shown potential for supporting male reproductive health, as well as having stronger free radical fighting activity than common vegetables and fruits. Burdock root also has a demulcent quality that is soothing to the mucous membranes of the body.

Research has shown burdock root extract to have significant effect on regenerating skin cells when applied topically, which may be helpful in the care of mature skin. In some instances burdock root has been found to be helpful in regulating blood glucose levels in certain individuals.

Burdock root is native to temperate regions and is especially drawn to soil rich in nitrogen. This particular species of burdock is also known as "greater burdock" and can reach heights of almost six feet. The slender taproot, the most widely consumed component of burdock, can grow up to three feet in length and one inch across. Fresh burdock root has a sweet, slightly bitter crisp taste, somewhat reminiscent of its relative, the artichoke.

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