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Penford launches PenNovo 00 for food coatings

Penford launches PenNovo 00 for food coatings
New proprietary technology creates enzyme-treated starches designed for food coatings and bakery applications.

Penford Food Ingredients, a leader in innovative carbohydrate systems and technologies, today announced PenNovo, a new proprietary technology that creates enzyme-treated starches designed for a variety of food applications. PenNovo 00 is intended for food coatings and bakery applications.

“Penford continues to bring innovative starches to market, keeping our customers’ changing needs in mind,” said John Randall, President of Penford Food Ingredients. “The multifaceted PenNovo 00 is ideal for both food coatings and the bakery market. Whether it makes the perfect crispy French fries, or gives baked goods extra moisture and gloss, this starch adds a new dimension to Penford’s vast portfolio.”

The new enzyme-treated starch is designed for coating systems for baked or fried meats and vegetables. It improves crispy texture and hold time and acts as a dextrin replacement.

Recommended applications:
· Vegetables: potatoes, mushrooms, onions
· Whole muscle poultry: bone-in poultry, formed poultry, shrimp, seafood

Functional benefits:
· Crispy texture
· Extended hold time
· Tender bite
· High solubility
· Excellent distribution
· Bland flavor
· Low viscosity

When used in baked goods, the starch serves as a replacement for egg whites in gluten-free products, volume enhancer and egg wash replacer.

Recommended applications:
· Breads
· Muffins
· Bagels
· Pancakes
· Waffles
· Cookies
· Cakes
· Gluten-free bakery

Functional benefits:
· Volume enhancer: increases volume up to 25 percent, moisture retention
· Egg wash replacer: glaze, smooth and glossy appearance

In addition to the functional benefits by category, PenNovo 00 is non-GMO, non-allergenic and kosher.

“We introduced PenTech NG, a whole egg and egg yolk replacer for bakery products, in 2012. We’re excited to build upon that offering with the introduction of PenNovo 00. This new product reflects our commitment to providing the gluten-free market with superior, cost-effective egg substitutes,” Randall concluded.


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