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Rousselot shows Synergy Systems, Peptan in Mexico

Rousselot shows Synergy Systems, Peptan in Mexico
Gelatine and collagen peptides company will be showcase the vast potential of its innovative ingredients at Food Technology Summit & Expo.

Global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, Rousselot, will be showcasing the vast potential of its innovative Synergy Systems™ range, as well as its dynamic Peptan® collagen peptides, at this year’s Food Technology Summit & Expo. Exhibiting alongside Tecnoespecialidades Comerciales, the exclusive distributor of Peptan in Mexico, Rousselot will be demonstrating how manufacturers can use its high-performance product portfolio to formulate exciting and great-tasting new products.

Rousselot’s recently launched Synergy Systems are composed of different types of gelatine, or a specific gelatine coupled with another ingredient, such as pectin. The easy-to-use systems work synergistically—the functionality of each ingredient is boosted when they are combined. The innovative range opens up a variety of new possibilities to the food industry, allowing manufacturers to develop enhanced products with new or additional benefits. They can improve texture, taste, stability or emulsification, for example, and can also be used to develop better-for-you options.

At the show, Rousselot will present all four Synergy Systems products currently in the range. This includes Rousselot AcidoGel™, a gelling agent which allows manufacturers to create stable acid marshmallows with new flavor possibilities (such as lemon and orange), and Rousselot ResistaGel™—an ingredient to ensure the continued quality of confectionery produced in warm climates. Visitors to the booth will also be able to learn more about Rousselot EmulsiGel™ and NeutraGel™, the other systems in the range.

A further highlight at the exhibition will be Rousselot’s Peptan collagen peptides. Containing more than 97 percent protein, Peptan are natural, highly digestible and bioactive peptides. Produced using a precise enzymatic hydrolysis process, the ingredients provide various biofunctional properties not found in other protein sources. Extensive research has demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy bones and joints, and collagen peptides have also been proven to increase muscle regeneration, making it an ideal ingredient for manufacturers targeting the active aging and sport nutrition markets. A leading ingredient in the fast growing nutricosmetic “beauty from within” sector, Peptan’s ability to support skin health and beauty has been proven by clinical studies.

Produced in Rousselot’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Brazil and France, Peptan collagen peptides are derived from three 100 percent natural and fully traceable sources: fish (Peptan F), bovine (Peptan B) and porcine (Peptan P). With a neutral color and taste profile, Peptan collagen peptides can be easily and cost-effectively incorporated into a range of functional foods, beverages and nutraceuticals, such as protein drinks, dairy products and gummy-style confectionery.

Rousselot will also highlight its global capabilities at the show. Benefitting from an extensive support network, including 13 production plants and 10 sales offices around the world, Rousselot’s team can support food manufacturers worldwide in developing successful and appealing new consumer products, whatever their formulation requirements.

To learn more about how Rousselot’s Synergy Systems and Peptan collagen peptides can compliment functional food formulations and boost consumer appeal, visit the Rousselot team on booth 117.


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