Scoular to market Naticol marine collagen peptide in the U.S.

Scoular to market Naticol marine collagen peptide in the U.S.

New clinical study suggests Weishardt's fish collagen peptides offer significant skin health benefits.

The Scoular Company announced today that its Food Ingredients Group will serve as the exclusive distributor of nutricosmetic ingredient Naticol® in the U.S. Used as an ingredient in women’s anti-aging products, Naticol is a marine collagen peptide produced by French manufacturer Weishardt.

“Marine collagen peptides are a brand new generation of collagen peptides, and we’re very excited to offer this scientifically-backed ingredient to our customers who are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing market for women’s anti-aging products,” said Anne Brown, senior manager of Scoular’s Food Ingredients Group.

Produced from fish skins and scales, marine hydrolyzed collagen is shown to have several nutritional and health benefits related to anti-aging according to a whitepaper recently released by Weishardt and The Scoular Company. The whitepaper features the results of two studies, including a human clinical study conducted in the spring of 2012.

Both human clinical studies revealed that users of Naticol marine collagen peptides experienced improvements in skin hydration and elasticity as well as a reduction in wrinkles. Research from additional studies also suggest that ingested marine hydrolyzed collagen has anti-inflammatory properties, that it may improve the absorption of dietary calcium, and that it has hydrating properties when applied topically.

“In addition to offering a number of nutrition and health benefits, Naticol works well in a variety of applications beyond the traditional dietary capsule or tablet. Naticol is a hydrolyzed collagen peptide, one of the few protein ingredients that dissolves and becomes clear in water.” According to Brown, its ease of dissolution as well as its lack of color, odor, and taste have made it a widely-used ingredient in Japanese and European nutricosmetics.

Scoular will be showcasing Naticol and other ingredients at its booth at the upcoming SupplySide West show in Las Vegas, Nov. 5 to 12. Naticol was also recently featured in a webinar at LifeStages 2012.

About Weishardt
The Weishardt Group is the fourth largest gelatin manufacturer in the world, offering gelatins and blends of ingredients and additives for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Weishardt offers a large range of traditional pig skin and fish gelatin, including cold soluble gelatins, hydrolyzed marine collagens, and even complex tailor-made ingredient blends. Weishardt’s Naticol product is produced in Europe in ISO 22000 production facilities and meets all European, Japanese, and US regulations.

About The Scoular Company
From more than 70 locations across North America, more than 700 Scoular employees tailor risk-management solutions for their customers by buying, selling, storing, and transporting grain and ingredients for use in feed, food, and renewable fuel markets worldwide. The company’s Food Ingredients Group markets nutritional ingredients to manufacturers and brands that formulate functional foods, dietary supplements, and personal care items.


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