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Socius brings Glyloid hydrocolloid to US market

Socius brings Glyloid hydrocolloid to US market
Socius Ingredients partners with DSP Gokyo on clean-label ingredient solution that significantly improves the mouthfeel and stability of dressings, ice cream and beverages.

Socius Ingredients, an innovative food ingredient company that specializes in functional ingredients, has just introduced Glyloid® to the U.S. market. Glyloid, a tamarind seed gum, is designed to enhance mouthfeel, viscosity, and pour in dressings, sauces and beverages as well as to improve mouthfeel, ice crystal size, stability and shape retention in frozen desserts.

Socius Ingredients, with a proven track record of delivering technical ingredient solutions to food manufacturers, has partnered with DSP Gokyo (DSPG), a Japanese food ingredient leader, for the U.S. launch of Glyloid. DSPG brings a wealth of technical and application expertise, as they developed and launched Glyloid in Japan 50 years ago.

“There are a relatively limited number of hydrocolloids available for the U.S. food industry, which has stifled innovation. Our customers were seeking a clean label hydrocolloid with unique properties that provided food technologists the ability to create new and improved products, tastes, and textures,” said Martin O’Donovan, president of Socius Ingredients. “Our unique partnership with DSPG allowed us the opportunity to verify that the functional properties of Glyloid have highly desirable benefits for the targeted applications in the US.”

Socius Ingredients’ state of-the-art technical center, extensive sensory research, and deep understanding of the U.S. market in conjunction with DSPG’s innovation in the hydrocolloid space created a collaborative partnership designed to ensure Glyloid would provide previously unoffered benefits to U.S. food and beverage manufacturers.  

“We believe Socius Ingredients is the ideal collaborative partner to introduce Glyloid to the U.S.,” said Dr. Tetsuya Oida, president and CEO of DSPG. “Their nuanced understanding of food applications, including technical, commercial, supply chain and regulatory issues, combined with their ability to clearly demonstrate value propositions and top-tier technical facilities positioned them as an excellent partner for us”.

Glyloid received FDA GRAS status in 2014. The functional ingredient works well on its own or in conjunction with other hydrocolloids to provide far-reaching benefits. It works particularly well in low-fat or reduced-calorie products to provide a smooth, rich mouthfeel, taste, and texture often indicative of higher calorie products. The company has developed prototypes for each of the focus categories to present to manufacturers. Additionally, further research is underway to explore Glyloid in a variety of expanded food and beverage applications.



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