Sternchemie launches SternFlow lecithin powder for baked goods

Sternchemie launches SternFlow lecithin powder for baked goods

Lecithin forms stable complexes with gluten and other ingredients, improving dough's elasticity and ability to hold gas.

Higher yield, longer freshness and crispier crusts are just some of the advantages lecithin offers in baked goods. As an emulsifier, it stabilizes the gluten structure of the flour and boosts the elasticity of the gluten network, so the dough is easier to process. This is also supported by improved distribution of fat and water in the ingredients coming as a powder. With SternFlow, lipid specialist Sternchemie has developed a group of lecithin powders that offer various advantages for the baked goods industry.

In bread, lecithin forms stable complexes with gluten and other ingredients, bringing substantial improvement in the dough’s elasticity and thereby its ability to hold gas. This gives more volume from the same amount of dough, for airy, light, fine-pored bread with a crisp crust that stays fresh for a long time. In pastries it promotes homogeneous fat distribution, so that the fat content can be reduced without taking away from the batter’s good working properties. This saves raw materials and at the same time reduces the calories in the final product.

Powdered lecithin on a range of carriers
The special benefit about SternFlow is that the liquid lecithin is applied to carrier powders. The lecithin is adsorbed to the surface of the powder, giving a highly functional emulsifier. Carriers can be flour, gluten, maltodextrine, glucose or any hydrocolloid with high adsorption capability. “If customers want a specific carrier, we can implement it quickly,” said Sternchemie food technologist Waldemar Buxmann. “SternFlow can basically be put together from modules—lecithin from IP soy, rapeseed or sunflower, in the amount desired by the customer, on the desired carrier.”

SternFlow is primarily used as an ingredient in bake mixes. Bakeries can also easily mix the powder with flour, sugar and other powdered ingredients, before the liquid components are added. It is generally suitable as a compound for baked goods, bake mixes and ready flours, and is easier to dose and store than standard lecithin. It is also more soluble in the water phase. Additionally, it has price advantages over spray-dried lecithin and de-oiled pure lecithin.


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